How to Gain Operational Excellence Safely and Securely

We can help

Cisco has a complete end-to-end view to connect and protect modern industrial systems.

A key value Cisco provides is that we connect and protect across all of these technology stacks—from the sensor on the plant floor to your automation vendor’s equipment analysis tools in the cloud. Nobody else can provide end-to-end connectivity and security like Cisco.

We protect cloud assets with Umbrella, and safely connect outside workers and vendors into your corporate networks via AnyConnect. We connect and prioritize traffic into and across your business network with tools like Identity Services Engine (ISE) and FirePower.

We secure your factory connections to the business and outside world via FirePower enforcement at the IDMZ.

At the control layer, those windows platforms running your operations are protected directly or have vulnerabilities mitigated by Advanced Malware Protection and FirePower.

Finally, we help segment the diverse portions of your factory through ISE, Stealthwatch, Cyber Vision, Industrial Network Director, our Industrial Ethernet switching, Industrial FireWalls, and TrustSec.

No matter where you are in these technology stacks, we have the means of security it.