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Transforming life sciences from R&D to population health

Francis Crick Institute

Locator icon London, United Kingdom
Employees icon 1,500 researchers

As one of the world’s leading biomedical research institutes, the Francis Crick Institute requires a collaborative and innovative environment for its 1,500 researchers to tackle some of the most challenging scientific topics. In building its new facility in London, the Francis Crick Institute turned to Block Solutions and Cisco to enable next-generation digital capabilities with high-performance, intelligent infrastructure.

  • Facilitate innovation and collaboration across IT and scientists working in the single biggest biomedical lab in Europe
  • Moving 1,500 scientists into a new and complex environment with minimal disruption
  • Enabling innovation and collaboration to drive new discoveries and understand the sources of diseases

Crick Lab is an environment where you take fresh scientists, straight from their university degrees and PHDs, take the best talent you can recruit for IT, and Nobel Award winning scientists, and combine them in a single location to work together to understand the root cause of human disease. The technology and the space were put together with the idea of people innovating and collaborating.”

“At Crick Labs, we try to make it so scientists don’t think about the technology. They just get on with the science.”

“Setting up Crick Labs was a significant undertaking on many levels… We chose Cisco because Cisco was big enough that it wouldn’t be a risky investment. We wanted one vendor that could provide everything, end to end, but with the vision needed to provide that 21st century experience that Crick Labs needs.”

Nick Morrell
Network Team Lead
The Francis Crick Institute

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