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Transforming life sciences from R&D to population health


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As the world’s largest manufacturer in protection solutions for a range of industrial, medical, and personal uses, the core of Ansell’s business is protecting individuals from harm. This also means protecting themselves from harm when it comes to potential security breaches.

  • Increase security posture to better protect against increasing threats
  • Deliver a consistent standard of protection and service across all locations
  • Refresh and simplify global network and security infrastructure
  • Stronger security delivered for less cost across all global locations
  • Streamlined network infrastructure and cut network latency in half to greatly improve efficiency
  • Created an agile and secure platform to support growth and innovation

Cyber threats are a growing concern for companies, and as a manufacturer, we have patents and trade secrets that we need to protect from competitors.”

“We were basically starting from scratch, so we needed every security solution available to reduce our risk. The Cisco Security Enterprise Licensing Agreement (ELA) gives us access to all the security solutions we needed for one-third of the cost of purchasing everything separately, which allowed us to bring on security solutions we never had before.”

“With new technologies, we can help global teams work smarter to deliver better products and services. Standardizing on Cisco solutions gives us an agile and secure platform to support our growth and innovation.”

George Michalitsianos
IT Infrastructure Director

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