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Meander Medisch Centrum

Locator icon Amersfoort, Netherlands
Employees icon 3,300 employees

Meander Medisch Centrum (Meander Medical Center, or Meander) is a hospital based in Amersfoort with branches in Baarn, Barneveld, Leusden, and Nijkerk. Voted the best hospital in the Netherlands in 2015, Meander is committed to providing the best possible patient care and expanding areas of treatment in which expertise is in high demand, such as oncology.

  • Use information and communication technology (ICT) as a way to provide consistently better care
  • Be ready to support any new technology that can transform how patient care is delivered and help save lives
  • Expanding current Cisco UCS infrastructure by adding the flexible, easy-to-manage Cisco HyperFlex, a hyperconverged platform that supports innovation and improves patient care
  • Rapidly offered new and expanded services to patients and clinicians by accelerating the deployment of new services by 400 percent
  • Delivered flexibility, performance, and scalability to support business agility
  • Reduced IT management time by up to 75 percent, while increasing server utilization by 40 percent

With Cisco HyperFlex Systems, we can respond much faster to business and application needs because CPU, storage, and network resources are independently scalable. It’s easy to adjust underlying infrastructure as workloads change.”

Paul Bauwens
IT Architect

“Technology is transforming healthcare, and our partnership with Cisco will help us excel, expand, and grow.”

Frank de Reij