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Mercy Virtual

Locator icon St. Louis, Missouri, U.S.
Employees icon 330 employees

Answering the call for better patient care

Drawing from deep experience—hundreds of years caring for patients and 43 hospitals across five states—Mercy designed the Virtual Care Center to bring together the best minds to provide patient-centered care, advance technological innovations, and identify opportunities to make care more accessible, more affordable, and more comprehensive.

  • Patient frustrations were increasing with longer caregiver call pick up and hold times
  • Saved six hours per day because of faster call pick-up, plus patient’s records simultaneously displayed on caregiver’s monitor
  • Saved 43 seconds per call locating the patient electronic health record
  • Reduced average speed of answer to less than 30 seconds and abandonment rate to less than 5%

Nurse On Call provides this one-on-on service that enables any of our patients to get a hold of a caregiver 24 by 7, anywhere in the world. They are really more focused on the complete continuum of care.”

Edmund Siy
VP Transformation
Mercy Virtual

“We want everything to flow just like if they had walked into the doctor’s office, except the patient has the advantage that they are in the comfort of their own home.”

Nancy Rikard
Clinical Manager
Mercy Virtual

“When a patient calls Nurse On Call, the Cisco technology recognizes the phone number of the patient, which then automatically opens the correct electronic health record. We needed this technology to help us find their record faster.”

Cindy Rydberg
Executive Director of Nurse On Call

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