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"CIOs agree that a successful information sharing strategy is defined by its ability to create communities of trust among organizations and to provide the controls necessary to govern how information is accessed and used. Within those communities of trust, we must find a way to prevent privacy from being the dictator of progress." -- Bruce Klein, Vice President, U.S. Public Sector Sales, Cisco

As agencies address the challenges of identifying the right technologies, finding budget, and changing a need-to-know culture in order to effectively share information, the obstacle of maintaining data privacy still seems insurmountable. See how industry and government leaders are progressing in this effort.

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Top Imperative: Information Sharing

How will federal CIOs' "top imperative" progress if agencies continue to regard information sharing and security as mutually exclusive? Hear what the Pentagon's deputy CIO has to say.

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Lessons from Cyber Storm II

The recent Cyber Storm II exercise indicated that strong agency-vendor relationships are vital to maintain communication during a crisis.
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Privacy Guidance Unclear

Should agencies exercise the same privacy precautions with commercially brokered data as they do with information they collect themselves? Visit Washington Technology to get their perspective.
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Swiss Bank Abandons Lawsuit

How are private sector institutions defending corporate privacy against First Amendment rights? Follow the Bank Julius Baer story by visiting Information Week.
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Federal Security Leaders Speak Out on Top Issues

Listen to Federal News Radio and hear Dan Chenok, Chair of the Information Security and Privacy Advisory Board, discuss how technology can help balance privacy and security.
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Practical Tips Build Privacy Awareness

Get practical tips to help guard against Internet fraud and protect personal information from the FTC's latest privacy awareness videos posted on YouTube.
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Share Information or Else

Thomas McNamara warns that federal employees who do not adopt a policy of sharing intelligence information may face poor performance reviews. Visit Government Executive to get the full story.

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Security Strategies for Data Centers

Executives discuss how the Cisco data center works toward transparency while protecting the "crown jewels" of its IT infrastructure.

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Federal Forum on Information Sharing

Visit Federal News Radio to listen to government and industry executives discuss what information "needs" to be shared, how information should flow, and the future of information sharing.

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FISA and Cybercrime Initiative discusses the dispute over the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) and the government's role in fighting cybercrime.

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