Shine a Light on
Cloud Blind Spots

More than ever, we’re looking to the cloud to deliver critical apps and services that power business.


IT teams encounter performance blind spots everywhere. In a world where cloud is the new data center and Internet is the new network backbone, these are areas where IT has little if any visibility, let alone control. With demand for always-on, supersonic digital experiences on the rise and users’ tolerance for poor performance getting even lower, these blind spots matter more and more.

Customer digital experience blind spots

Customer digital experiences navigate a complex and distributed ecosystem. What seems as simple as a user connecting to an app is really a complex journey across home networks, the Internet, hybrid and multi-cloud environments and SaaS provider networks. When you can’t see, you can’t fix it. Don’t let these visibility blind spots hurt your business.



Enterprises discount the impact of Internet health, ISP outages and performance of critical application delivery infrastructures such as CDNs and DNS on digital experiences. Internet blindness leaves you unprotected from outages that impact business continuity and your brand.


Hybrid and multi-cloud

Modern apps are a mesh of distributed micro-services dependent on multiple third-party APIs and services that enterprises don’t control. IT teams are responsible for application performance but have no visibility into hybrid and multi-cloud connectivity that impair digital experiences.

Employee digital experience blind spots

Remote workforce, SaaS adoption and SD-WAN migration means enterprises become more reliant on external networks and services outside the corporate perimeter. Lack of control and visibility blind spots continue to increase in this new enterprise ecosystem, leaving IT teams helpless and frustrated while trying to deliver flawless digital experiences to employees.


Remote environment

Sitting between business-critical apps and remote employees is a host of dependencies and third parties, such as cloud providers, secure web gateways (SWG), CDNs, DNS providers, last-mile ISPs, and ‘spotty’ Wi-Fi networks that enterprises often do not have visibility into.


SaaS performance

SaaS blindness is a cause for concern for enterprise IT teams responsible for ensuring consistent performance. Traditional NPM or APM monitoring techniques flatline with SaaS, as they don’t own the infrastructure or the app, leaving a blind spot when it comes to managing SaaS performance.


Hybrid and multi-cloud

Modern apps have evolved into a mesh of distributed micro-services reliant on the Internet for connectivity and dependent on multiple third-party APIs and services. IT teams are responsible for application performance but have no visibility into these external environments.

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