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Is your network

There are a lot of questions about the future, but how to get ready for it—that’s no guessing game. Technology is the foundation of how organizations can grow and create new possibilities.

Take this quick assessment to find out how ready your network is and how it stacks up to your peers.

Select up to 3 initiatives that are most important for your organization’s success over the next 12 months:
The technology project you must get right in order to be successful in the future is:
How do you approach hardware lifecycle management?
How do you design, deploy, and manage your network?
What’s your approach for IoT applications?
Which best describes your approach to network security today?
How are you delivering secure mobility for remote and mobile workers?
How do you use location analytics?
How do you manage networkwide insights?
Which best describes your industry?
How many employees work at your organization?

Your readiness score is:


Your final score is based on a progressive ranking of each answer.

Hardware Lifecycle
Network Management
Location-Based Analytics
Best in class