5 goals for your next factory network refresh

Create a fully connected factory

The benefits of digital manufacturing and a fully connected factory begin with a network refresh. Want to get ready for a flood of data or improve factory operations with more visibility, automation, and control? What about faster product development, faster equipment repair, and increased overall equipment effectiveness? All of that—plus simpler network management—is made possible by Cisco DNA for Manufacturing.

Grow at the pace of IoT

Preparing the network for large-scale IoT connections means looking for wireless technologies that are not only up to date, but are also designed to overcome the challenges of a manufacturing environment. As more RFID tags and IoT sensors and devices are installed throughout your facilities, network connectivity and Factory Wireless can help them deliver business value for tracking products, resources, and processes.

Ride the tidal wave of data

IT needs new capabilities for managing waves of data, both within the enterprise data center and in the cloud. Upgrading the network and data center with Unified Computing is now business critical. Better, quicker insights means lower inventory costs, energy consumption, and product defect rates. At the same time, visibility into resource availability and utilization allows for improved planning that keeps you profitable and competitive.

Simplify network management

Systems on the factory floor need to communicate more than ever before. Converged IT and OT means reduced network downtime and network administration overhead, along with improved troubleshooting. Data center virtualization supports higher uptime for applications and better performance as app and data growth continues. Newer network technology also makes it possible to implement scalable systems, processes, and communications across the internal network and the cloud. Services for Enterprise Networks can help.

Take security seriously

Legacy manufacturing systems weren’t always designed with cybersecurity in mind, so they rely on strong network security capabilities for protection. The challenge? Strengthen network security without impacting plant operations, worker safety, or production line performance, while still allowing secure network access for users and devices. A network refresh where all applications are administered by the IT team means better management of security.

The growth of IoT shouldn’t be a burden—it should be a building block. But that’s only possible with a network that’s ready for whatever the future brings. For your next technology refresh, keep these five goals in mind.

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