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6 ways Cisco DNA provides you with what you need, so you won’t be left behind

  1. An edge that can sense—and enforce

    An edge that can sense—and enforce

    The network edge is the first line of defense—where policy is applied to determine who or what has access to your network and to sense suspicious activity—even in encrypted traffic. It takes only one time for a data breach to affect your organization. With so much potential for infiltration, it’s critical to have a trusted solution to identify and control what gets on the network.

  2. Deeper data. Faster insights.

    Deeper data. Faster insights.

    Done right, the network edge offers a wealth of knowledge about what’s happening in your organization. The new network, powered by Cisco Digital Network Architecture (Cisco DNA), gives you granular insight into your users, the devices they use, and the applications they access—all with the ability to learn and adapt to changes and needs in the network.

  3. The evolution of automation

    The evolution of automation

    More users. More devices. More locations to manage. More of everything means automation is more critical than ever. Easily design, provision, and apply policy to your network. Network virtualization helps you manage networks and policies by user type, allowing for quick launches and faster threat detection.

  4. more reliable Wi-Fi calling more reliable Wi-Fi calling*
    more battery life more battery life*

    Transform mobile experiences

    Your organization thrives on connectivity. Cisco is the only vendor to team up with Apple to deliver a better mobile experience built on optimized Wi-Fi and roaming. With the new network, we’re making it easy to control and improve customer and employee experiences.

  5. Grow at the pace of tomorrow.

    Grow at the pace of tomorrow

    Designed with the future in mind, Cisco DNA prepares the network to add new functionality and adapt at digital speed. Get purpose-built programmable platforms with full fabric control designed for security, mobility, IoT, and cloud with the Cisco Catalyst 9000 Family and Cisco DNA software. Bottom line: An edge network that’s open and programmable leaves a lot more room for innovation.

  6. Innovate. Refine. Repeat.

    Innovate. Refine. Repeat.

    As increased connectivity becomes the norm, companies are updating their network infrastructure to tap into the opportunities and data insights that come with digital transformation. Cisco is leading the way with continued innovation at the network edge and beyond.

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