Your data center is everywhere.

Harness the power of a data center that adapts
to people, processes, technology, and data.

Cisco UCS®
with Intel®
Xeon® processors

Cisco UCS® with Intel® Xeon® processors

Everything, everywhere

People and machines are creating, accumulating, and processing an unprecedented amount of data. This growth isn't just happening in one place; it's happening everywhere.


The big data market is expected to grow from
$3.2 BILLION IN 2010
TO $16.9 BILLION IN 2015.**

Hybrid cloud use will grow by
50% IN 2015.***

The Solutions

Today, the Cisco Unified Computing System (Cisco UCS) portfolio offers solutions for a whole range of uses that automate compute, storage, and networking in public, private, and hybrid clouds–no matter how large or small the data center.

Placing real-time computing resources where the data exists means you can leverage the limitless opportunities created by the Internet of Everything.
Cisco UCS shares common management and automation software. It's simple and smart.

Fast IT: solving the new data center dynamic

Fast IT represents a whole new model for operating efficiency, business enablement, and security. It's a way for IT leaders and their line-of-business counterparts who control the budget to leverage the benefits of both centralized control and decentralized computing.

“There are times when we bring control and compute back to the 'glass house', and there are times when we swing the other way and empower branch offices, individuals on the business frontlines, even intelligent, autonomous systems. In reality, rather than merely following a trend, the critical task for us in IT is to strike the right balance for the specific needs of a particular organization.” ­­ – Scott Clark, vice president, advanced services for cloud and IT transformation, Cisco

Centralized control versus computing at the edge


Reduce complexity
and costs.


Increase visibility, programmability, and control.


Anticipate threats and protect against them before they happen.

The Results

  • Accelerated infrastructure deployments
  • More adaptive computing environments
  • Processes that support differentiation
  • Reduced costs

This model helps IT managers support both current business applications and new analytics-driven applications. Your organization's most senior technology leaders are working to help drive innovation and results. Building a system in which all of an organization's computing resources (from edge to core to cloud) share a common management platform is the key to growth.

Why Cisco?
Cisco has the experience and the ecosystem to deliver performance from core to edge.


years of networking


million connected


million customer

Evolve your data center so that it can deploy and scale applications more quickly, reduce risk, and lower total cost of ownership. The hard part can be choosing from different technologies, partners, and computing models—public, private, and hybrid. Cisco has developed an ecosystem that delivers the speed, scale, and insight you need with the operational simplicity that makes it practical to invest in multiple initiatives.

Unified Computing System

Cisco offers you a platform for the next-generation data center. Cisco UCS is a fabric-centric computing environment that offers unmatched capabilities through a full range of features.

  • Road-tested Intel Xeon-based servers with networking and storage access combined with stateless resource pools that deliver a revolutionary control plane and APIs
  • An environment that provides automated, consistent management across software and hardware components while letting you prioritize applications
  • Integrated infrastructure solutions that leverage the Cisco storage partner ecosystem to deliver accelerated application performance, reduced provisioning time, faster deployment time, and lower total cost of ownership
  • Partnerships with world-class software vendors, including Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, and Red Hat, that emphasize solutions over products

“We have numerous customers that have said, 'What used to take me months from the project perspective now takes me weeks. And what used to take me weeks from the provisioning perspective of this infrastructure, now that it’s installed, now takes me minutes.'” ­­ — Jim McHugh, vice president of data center marketing, Cisco

IT managers can automate networking services, overcome the challenge of siloed data centers, and choose their own paths to the cloud at a pace that makes sense for their organization by taking advantage of Cisco UCS Director software within the Cisco ONE Enterprise Networks Architecture.

Cisco ONE Software brings simplicity and clarity to buying software for your data center, WAN, and access domains. At each stage in the product lifecycle, Cisco ONE Software helps make buying, managing, and upgrading your network and infrastructure software simple and clear.

Private and hybrid cloud

Cisco and its intercloud partners offer hybrid cloud services that are highly secure, open, flexible, and hypervisor agnostic through more than 250 data centers in 50 countries. With Cisco Intercloud Fabric, IT managers can build highly secure hybrid clouds that extend their existing data centers to public clouds as needed, on demand, and with consistent network and security policies.

“Cisco lets you deploy a hybrid cloud that operates as one unified environment—straddling your data center boundaries—while you maintain complete control with our hybrid cloud orchestration and management framework.” ­­ — Dr. Gee Rittenhouse, senior vice president and general manager of the cloud and virtualization group, Cisco

Path to differentiation


Our UCS Integrated Infrastructure solutions allow businesses to deploy any possible type of computing—applications, analytics, collaboration—in any location and manage it with a single management pane. It’s about reducing risk, saving time, and lowering costs. Cisco UCS also gives businesses the ability to analyze data and create better insights wherever they need them, in branch offices, on oil rigs, or next to large data warehouses.


The Cisco UCS technology portfolio provides a broad range of hardware options optimized for diverse applications and use cases.

  • Computing at the edge
  • Mission-critical applications
  • Big Data and Analytics
  • Hyper-scale cloud computing
  • Private and hybrid cloud architectures

Cisco delivers the operational velocity that allows companies to stay competitive, develop additional markets, and drive new revenues. Agile infrastructure, open APIs, and automation software help IT stay ahead of business needs. The new applications, precision analytics, and intercloud access that business leaders need can be deployed almost instantly.

Accelerate with services.

A functional and highly flexible data center requires more than high-quality components to create value. You also need best practices and the appropriate people, processes, and information to tie everything together. Cisco Services can help your organization unleash the full potential of your data center and transform it from a cost center to a revenue generator.

To help you transform your organization into a more cohesive, agile, and cost-effective business resource, Cisco Services uses the Cisco Domain Ten framework to analyze the ten domains, or key elements, of the corporate IT environment:

  1. Infrastructure and environmentals
  2. Abstraction and virtualization
  3. Automation and orchestration
  4. Customer interface
  5. Service catalog
  6. Financial requirements
  7. Platform
  8. Applications
  9. Security
  10. Organization, governance, and processes

Once this assessment has been made and key gaps analyzed, a typical next step for many customers is to deploy Data Center Optimization Services.

Assess the fit for your organization with the Forrester Research Total Economic Impact (TEI) report. Based on actual Cisco customer experiences, Forrester’s TEI methodology assessed Cisco Domain Ten–based services to address four critical questions:

What are the

What is the
impact on
project costs?

How will
future initiatives
benefit from this project?

How will risks
be mitigated?

The six-month Forrester study examined Cisco Domain Ten, specifically the Data Center Optimization Services, including applications, compute, and networking.

The results

  • Risk-adjusted ROI of 119%
  • Payback in under one year
  • Net present value of over $700,000

In a world where everything and everyone is connected, companies recognize the need to transform the way they manage data and the entire IT infrastructure. As a result, a new way of understanding the data center is emerging.

Cisco has developed a holistic, first-of-its-kind approach that starts with industry- leading products to connect core and edge applications, provides services to help you customize your computing platforms, delivers an outstanding ecosystem of technology partners, and places your organization at the center of everything–everywhere.

Let Cisco help you build your center of everything >

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