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UCS Case Study: T2 Systems

T2 Systems

Unifiying every aspect of Parking Operations.

Explore how Cisco UCS helps T2 Systems keep cities moving.

Challenge #1

Find a new IT partner with the power to scale quickly.

An expanding portfolio of parking management partnerships with municipalities and universities across North America meant T2 Systems had outgrown their previous server vendor—it was time to explore an upgrade.

Solution #1

Leverage and expand an existing—and successful—partnership.

T2 Systems was already happy using Cisco switches, routers and firewalls, and Cisco integrated perfectly with their Microsoft and EMC solutions. After reviewing proposals, Cisco UCS was the top competitor for data center infrastructure.

Results #1

Confidently growing organically and through acquisitions.

And targeting new markets. In the words of T2 Systems Vice President of IT, Grant Dawson: "We can take on workloads that we never could have taken on before because we can scale quickly with Cisco UCS."

Challenge #2

Less time on upkeep, more time for exceeding customer expectations.

Hardware maintenance was hindering T2 Systems' revenue-growth potential. Being consumed with upkeep subtracted from time available to invest in creating new tools and value adds for customers.

Solution #2

Move to standardized processes and expedited training.

Using Cisco UCS Manager to unify its view across all servers at their four data centers, T2 Systems has vastly simplified system administration and improved lifecycle management.

Results #2

Less time administrating means more time innovating.

Simplified hardware management frees up the equivalent of nearly two full-time employees. That means 90% of T2 Systems IT staff effort is focused on creating new tools and added value end user experiences.

Challenge #3

OpEx and CapEx requirements: efficient, compact, flexible.

Seasonal spikes and a growing client base put a real strain on computing power. T2 Systems needed a data center platform with the capacity to accommodate any size parking operation.

Solution #3

Make a reduction in expenditures a reality.

Cisco UCS met the specifications for computing density with a hardware footprint 60% smaller than competitors, and better lifecycle management more than doubled the lifespan of each server.

Results #3

Turning efficiency into a better-looking bottom line.

For T2 Systems, a smaller hardware footprint translates to a 40% reduction in kilowatt hours powering and cooling servers. A longer hardware lifecycle translates to a 5-year refresh rather than the former 2-year refresh.

"The ease of management, partnerships and integration separate Cisco from the pack." – Jim Hutchins, CTO and Executive VP at T2 Systems

It takes a lot to keep a city moving. Not least of which is the back-end infrastructure that maintains the steady influx and outflow of traffic, directly impacting revenue, efficiency and user satisfaction. Since 1994, T2 Systems has offered a parking management platform to keep things running smoothly, from permit management and enforcement to vehicle counting and citation services. But with a growing client portfolio spreading across North America and clients having larger scale operations, T2 needed more than just the right tech. They needed a strategic IT partner, one which they found in Cisco.

By deploying Cisco UCS across four data centers, T2 began seeing an influx of benefits, including increased operational efficiency, reduced hardware footprint, reduced energy consumption and a simplified management process. More uptime for servers meant more availability for employees, which meant they could now focus on creating new tools and value adds for their customers.

With Cisco UCS supporting software development and quality assurance at every step of the way, T2 has undergone immense growth, targeting new markets and developing new products. All to ensure that cities run smoothly, so people can get to where they need to be.

Keep cities running smoothly.
That's what T2 Systems does. That's what Cisco does.

Cisco UCS. It's not a server. It's a system.

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