Cisco Unified Data Center

Support the diverse demands of your organization, no matter the direction they take you—mobile, cloud, big data, or beyond. The Cisco Unified Data Center platform combines compute, network, management, and storage access into a single architecture. You can improve your organization's responsiveness and innovation, increase budget efficiency, and simplify IT operations.

Boost Innovation, Lower TCO
What's possible with a new data center platform?

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Scale and Simplify with Cisco UCS


Simplify Your IT

Simplify your network and accelerate server infrastructure deployments with Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS), powered by the Intel® Xeon® processor. Learn how you can:

  • Unite server, networking,
    storage access, and virtualization
    resources in one system
  • Reduce provisioning time
    by up to 84%
  • Reduce cabling by up to 77% and
    power and cooling by up to 54%

Evolve Your Data Center Network


Upgrade Your Network

Traditional networks weren't designed to handle today's heavy application demands. But our Application Centric Infrastructure is.

  • Bring operational simplicity and
    scale across physical and virtual environments
  • Dramatically simplify how you provision resources critical to application performance
  • Deliver applications at scale with high
    levels of availability and flexibility

Deploy Mission-
Critical Applications


Increase Performance

Your most essential data center applications deserve the best computing platform. Start with Cisco and quickly see the difference.

  • Accelerate application deployments
    by up to 90%
  • Speed your transition
    to virtual and cloud computing
  • Reduce TCO for mission-critical
    applications by up to 30%
  • Scale your data center platform
    while avoiding complexity

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