"Social media and networking will become an expected and integrated capability for every digital interaction."

--Fast Company, "Will Facebook Be Disrupted by IBM, Cisco, Oracle,and Others?"

Site Design, Audience Engagement, and Actionable Data

Using Cisco Eos® to Leverage Your Content & Community at Every Stage of Your Digital Business

This quarterly update keeps you informed on how Cisco Media Solutions Group answers the challenges companies like yours face.

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The Variety Screening Series Site: Cisco Eos Sponsorship Takeover in Action

Earlier this month, the blog post "Cisco in the Movies!" highlighted the Cisco Eos enablement of Variety's Screening Series Video Q&A site. The Variety Screening Series is an exclusive series of invite-only screenings of award-contending films. Each screening consists of a showing of the film, accompanied by a live Q&A with directors, producers, writers or actors associated with a particular film. The series is in its eighth year, but this is the first year in which they are utilizing Cisco Eos to extend the experience beyond the audience at the physical screenings.

In addition to enabling an online community for Variety around the screening series content, Eos offers a simpler way of creating and managing visual takeovers for ad sponsorships using the Eos site customization framework.

Below is a comparison between the Variety Series Video Q&A site before (left) and after the sponsorship takeover by West Hollywood Marketing and Visitors Bureau.

Variety Series Video Q&A Site

With Cisco Eos, whole site visual takeovers including display, video ads, and module takeovers can be implemented without custom design or development effort. Most importantly, there is no site downtime: with the Eos administrative interface you can design and preview the new version of your site before making it live. In addition, multiple versions of the site can be saved in order to quickly reuse elements for future designs.

Armed with this efficient site redesign capability from Eos, Variety is continuing to experiment with new, big brand sponsorship takeovers. Refer back to http://cisco.varietyscreeningseries.com/ to view upcoming sponsorship takeovers and to watch the Q&A sessions from the screenings.

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Cisco Eos in the News

Fast Company's Expert Blogger asks, "Will Facebook Be Disrupted by IBM, Cisco, Oracle, and Others?"
Read how companies, including Cisco, are working on tightly integrating social networks into broader areas like video, rather than as a standalone silos. See Article.

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Cisco Eos at CES: Market Transition of Consumer Video

The Cisco Media Solutions Group will be at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) running from January 6 - 9, 2011 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The team will host in-depth discussions between various media companies and Cisco's leadership team as they address how media companies benefit from the consumer video market transition. Cisco is transforming life's experiences by helping people live a connected life that is more personal, more social, and more visual.

For more information about Cisco presence at CES, visit http://www.cisco.com/go/ces or contact CMSG Sales.

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The Cisco Eos Platform

Cisco Eos is a hosted software platform that enables Media & Entertainment Companies to more economically deliver and effectively monetize social entertainment experiences built around their branded content. Built to scale, Eos supports all entertainment genres, thousands of customized sites, and millions of users. The platform brings together social networking, site administration, content management and audience analytics features on a robust and secure hosting infrastructure. Eos offers everything media companies need to create, manage and monetize online communities. Eos-powered sites combine high-quality professional content with user generated interactions to create unique and engaging entertainment experiences built around the media companies' brands.

Click here to view the Cisco Eos Platform Datasheet

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Step 4: Eos Analytics, Unlocking the Value of Audience Data

Cisco Media Solutions Group has developed Cisco Eos to add value to media Companies' core business: engaging audiences with compelling content and experiences. As a result, we see a typical four-stage process a media Company goes through when building a digital business (below). Cisco Eos enables success at every stage.

Digital Business Stages

To illustrate, first it is important to retain an online audience though the value of your brand. Eos enables you to build compelling destination websites through an easy-to-use modular design environment and ability to leverage social media. Second, Eos enables you to syndicate content and services ultimately helping to drive traffic back to your branded site. Third, this environment lays the groundwork for you to collect and build a critical mass of user data.

Finally, in "Step 4", you will want to analyze this data and take action. Cisco Eos analytics enables this through its Member and Media Analytics.

Eos Member Analytics provide actionable intelligence about your audience's interaction with your content and community that can be used to enhance and optimize the business value of your online experiences.

Eos Media Analytics provide insight into the popularity of a site's media assets and the popular distribution channels for your content. These insights help administrators make informed decisions about keeping site content fresh and how to build awareness and drive demand for new content.

Member Analytics

The screen shot above shows a member profile within the administrative interface for the Ole Ole Football site, a fictitious online community for soccer enthusiasts. Digging into the profile you can look at how users interact with content and other members of the Ole Ole Football community to measure the level of influence a member has within the community. In this case because of "Outback's" high influencer score he may be considered part of a premium audience segment.

Media Analytics

This screen shot shows the trends for a given date range for the most viewed or played asset, average duration of play, comments, shares, rate, or buy clicks. The social insights section provide information about the reach of a media asset, including where it was shared (like on Facebook and via email) and the source (or HTTP referrer) of that share.

With greater insights around your audience members and media, you can examine the best way to monetize your web properties. For more information on this next step, see "Cisco Eos Website Monetization".

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Cisco Media Solutions Group (CMSG) is a specialized business unit focused on the unique challenges Media & Entertainment Companies face in engaging and monetizing online audiences.

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