Obtaining Temporary Licenses for Cisco Unified Communication Manager


Cisco Unified Communications Manager (UCM) has a long history of providing reliable, secure, scalable, and manageable call control to a large number of our customers.

During the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic period, with additional remote work needed, we are offering Cisco UCM customers access to extended temporary licenses.

These licenses allow you to scale your workforce and add to critical services and may be requested for a term of 90 or 180 days.

Executive summary

  • Customers can overprovision users IMMEDIATELY without additional licenses on their Cisco UCM instance for up to 60 days (UCM v. 10/11) or 90 days (UCM v. 12) grace period. This gives customers the TIME they need to request and receive temporary licenses.
  • Cisco will offer temporary Cisco Unified Workspace Licensing, CUWL Standard licensing. These licenses support Cisco Jabber, Webex Teams, or a Cisco IP Phone connected at their remote desk.

These licenses are available to request (until July 1, 2020) on a self-service tool, for which the process is described step by step in this document.

Cisco UCM licensing grace period

Cisco UCM Licensing offers a grace period which allows businesses to immediately configure additional “work from home” users without any additional licenses on their Cisco UCM for 60 days. During the grace period, UCM takes no negative action on device over-provisioning. Your cluster will operate normally during this period.

You may use this grace period and immediately configure any additional “work from home users”.

In addition, Cisco is offering temporary CUWL Standard licensing, which will support Webex Teams, Cisco Jabber and Cisco IP Phones via VPN or Mobile Remote Access (MRA).

Step by step guidance: self-service tool for getting Cisco UWL licenses for version 10.x and 11.X

These licenses for version 11.x and 10.X are available to request on a self-service tool.

GO HERE :  https://slexui.cloudapps.cisco.com/SWIFT/LicensingUI/Quickstart#.

Select All Licenses for <username>

Next Select the Get Licenses drop-down and choose Demo and Evaluation

You should see the following screen.

Under Product Family select Unified Communications Products

Under Product select Cisco Unified Communications for COVID-19

Click Next.

A new page appears requesting for Target Device and Feature Options selection.

This page requires Target Device which is Prime License Manager which the licenses will be mapped to.

Cisco Unified Communications Manager in version 11.x and 10.X are license managed through PLM (Prime License Manager).

Login to the Prime License Manager Administration.

Under Licenses drop-down Select Fulfillment

Under Other Fulfillment Options select Generate License Request.

Copy the generated License Request. You may save it as a file on PC if required. 

Go back to the Self-service License portal and enter into the Device License Request field.

Also fill in the feature option details.

Select from version drop-down: 10.X or 11.X

Select from Duration drop-down: 90 or 180 days

Enter quantity of CUWL Standard License required

Click Next.

Review the information for submission. Please ensure email address is correct (if not choose Add to add new email address) and click Submit.

After submitting, a pop up comes which allows you to download your new license directly from the screen by selecting the Download button. Additionally, the licenses will be e-mailed to you shortly.

Applying your new licenses to Prime License Manager

Open the PLM Administration.

Under Licenses select Fulfillment

Then Under Other Fulfillment Options select Fulfill Licenses from file.

Browse the downloaded license file from PC and click install.

The window will show successful installation of license file.

You may also go and view under Licenses and Fulfillment. Click current License file. 

Go to License Usage tab and ensure In-compliance state for those additional license request for the newly configured additional work from home users.

Click Synchronize Now from PLM to CUCM and make CUCM in compliance state. 

This completes the process of temporarily increasing the license count for handling additional deployment for enabling Work from Home users to use Cisco Jabber, Webex Teams, or a Cisco IP Phone.

Please note you are authorized for support on these additional work from home users for 90/180-day period. At the end of this period, you must have purchased licenses to continue legal use of these deployments. 

Self-service tool for getting Cisco UWL licenses for version 12.X (upcoming April 1, 2020)

A similar self-service tool for version 12 licenses will be available by April 1, 2020. Use the grace period to deploy the additional Work from Home Users now.

If you have already entered into the grace period and have 15 or fewer days, please reach out to Cisco’s Global Licensing Organization (GLO) licensing@cisco.com for assistance.  To show that you have 15 or fewer days remaining, please include snapshot of UCM Administration page and license usage from Smart Account/Virtual Account (Cisco Smart Software Manager).