Cisco Data Center Enterprise Agreement PDF to HTML

Ease licensing complexity with a Cisco
Data Center Enterprise Agreement (EA)

Manage one contract instead of many

With traditional Cloud, application management, and data center infrastructure software licensing, it can be hard to manage things like usage, refresh cycles and budget with multiple contracts.

With a Cisco Data Center EA, life is
much simpler.

One contract.

One renewal date.

One workspace to manage.

Unified terms and conditions across Data Center
compute, storage, and networking infrastructure which
bridges cloud management and application visibility

What administrating
vs. doing looks like

Analyst study: EA reduces licensing complexity and frees your time to focus on the business1

Read the ESG Report here

Without Cisco EA
With Cisco EA

Savings over 6 years with a Cisco EA vs. traditional à la carte purchases for an
enterprise company with 38,000 clients2.

Six core suites and two add-ons to choose from

DC Networking
Intersight Workload Optimizer
Container Platform
Workload Optimization
App Dynamics
Two tier options for applicable Suites

Two available
subscription tiers


Rejuvenate IT departments

As-needed purchasing
When-, where- and how- needed deployment
Automated software updating
Policy enforcement/monitoring
across all domains
Easy to buy
  • Multi-suite discounts
  • Ramp up enterprise-wide coverage with a one-time purchase adjustment for DC Networking
  • Fixed pricing
  • Free Network Assurance Engine appliance for qualified deals
Easy to consume
  • True Forward: no penalty for growth
  • Access to new software capabilities
  • On-demand deployment
Easy to manage
  • One EA workspace
  • Co-termination of software licenses

1. Analyst Study: EA Reduces Customer Licensing Complexity. Source:
2. Analyzing the Economic Benefits of the Cisco Enterprise Agreement, The Enterprise Strategy Group, September 2018.

To buy a Cisco Data Center enrollment for Cisco EA, contact your Cisco sales representative.

Learn more about a Cisco Data Center EA