Cisco DNA or DCN Subscription

Transitioning from
Cisco ONE SWSS to a
Cisco DNA or DCN Subscription
(Previously Known as ACI)


Cisco is transitioning our Cisco ONETM customers to our new intent-based networking
platforms through a hybrid solution that offers all the benefits of Software Support Service
(SWSS) plus entitlement to Cisco DNA or Data Center Networking (DCN) subscriptions.

Benefits of Cisco DNA
and DCN subscriptions:

  • bluetickAccess to innovation with
    our feature-rich solutions
  • bluetickLinear, predictable budget planning
  • bluetickAbility to refresh software
    independently of hardware
  • bluetickUp-to-date security protection

Benefits of Cisco

  • greytickAccess to Cisco® Technical
    Assistance Center (TAC)
  • greytickProduct upgrades and updates
  • greytickOngoing innovation
    (free additions to the suites)
  • greytickLicense portability

Buying Cisco ONE on my new device*

Cisco ONE SWSS is no longer orderable. Purchase the DNAC1 or ACIC1 license, which includes all the benefits of SWSS support, as well as enabling access to the Cisco DNA and DCN capabilities on our older platforms.


*Cisco ONE is available only on legacy platforms (no Cisco Catalyst® 9000 devices are included).

An active Cisco ONE customer with an
SWSS renewal coming up

You will receive entitlement to Cisco DNA or DCN at your upcoming SWSS renewal at no additional cost as a one-time promotion. Take full advantage of this offer by choosing a longer-term length – the free Cisco DNA/DCN entitlement lasts for the length of your renewal term, which gives you the opportunity to try it and realize the full value.


SWSS must be ACTIVE to receive the promotional Cisco DNA or DCN license. If SWSS has expired, you will need to purchase a new DNAC1 or ACIC1 subscription to maintain software support for your Cisco ONE perpetual license.

Renewing my DNAC1 or ACIC1 license
(second-time renewals)

Cisco ONE SWSS is no longer renewable, so you will need to renew the DNAC1 or ACIC1 subscription at the current listed price (less the discount)1.


What is the difference between Cisco DNA and DNAC1 subscriptions?


Cisco DNA enables policy-based automation, secure connectivity, end-to-end visibility, analytics, and assurance in your network through a software subscription. Licenses are available for the switching, wireless, and routing portfolios.


DNAC1 is a hybrid solution that provides all the previous benefits of SWSS for the Cisco ONE perpetual license, as well as access to a Cisco DNA entitlement. (The same applies to Cisco DCN and ACIC1 subscriptions.1)

1If you have fully transitioned to the Cisco DNA model and no longer have Cisco ONE on your devices, you can renew Cisco DNA at this time instead of purchasing the hybrid DNAC1 solution.

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