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Cisco SecureX Set Up

Get the most out of your security solution with our built-in platform.

Your Detect and Respond Journey

We gathered all the resources you'll need to successfully set up, install, and use your SecureX solution.     


Access free trials of Cisco SecureX products from the marketplace and begin to explore automation with SecureX orchestration and built-in workflows for threat remediation.

Set up built-in workflows

SecureX success tip: Use your built-in workflows to remediate threats. Orchestration is a workflow automation feature, powered by Cisco Action Orchestrator, that enables you to define workflows to reflect your typical security processes, the automation steps (activities), the logic or flow between these steps, and how to flow data from one step to the next. With SecureX, you can leverage Cisco and third-party multidomain systems, applications, databases, and network devices in your environment to create these workflows.

Monthly webinars

Join us for SecureX webinars. Tune in for live teaching focused on best practices, FAQs, and new feature announcements.

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