Remote-Worker-5 Top Tips 2020

The trend to a more distributed workforce continues to rise, bringing newfound benefits for employers and workers. But people still need to feel connected and productive when they are working remotely—and they expect technology will help them do that wherever they are, on any device. Here is a list of five simple tips to maintain your work from home (WFH) culture while securing your workers and company assets.

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Educate your workforce to embrace secure WFH practices

Remote workers expect technology will follow them wherever they go— but being away from the office exposes them (and your organization) to threats in new ways. That is why IT and security teams need to ensure the WFH experience is secure, wherever users go. Just by being aware of what WFH means for security, remote workers are your biggest ally.

Verify the person is who they say they are

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is a simple, first layer of security all businesses need before they can grant access to company assets. Think of MFA as something you know (your username/password) and something you have (your phone) to verify your identity and device health.

Enable secure access from anywhere

VPN provides a safe tunnel between users and applications so workers can stay productive and connected when they are on the road or working from home. It helps ensure only approved users get in by providing the right level of security without compromising the user experience.

Defend against security threats at any entry point

Most security breaches target endpoint users, requiring a first line of defense at the DNS layer, always-on protection of cloud mailboxes and a last line for threats that slip through. The first layer blocks domains associated with malicious behavior before they get into your network, next is to detect and block threats to your mailboxes, while the last layer protects against more advanced threats.

Secure your assets now and for the future

Don't make the mistake of creating new issues for tomorrow only by solving for today. Instead, choose a vendor with security that ties into your existing investments. At Cisco, we believe in simple, effective solutions that keep your remote workers feeling connected and productive—and remove anything that gets in the way of your business success.