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Guidance for the Business Email Compromise Interactive Experience

Enhance Your Microsoft Office 365 Security

Secure email, users, data, and apps

An Attractive Attack Surface

Office 365 has become the standard cloud productivity platform. But as applications, data, and identities have moved to the cloud, security teams now need to manage the risk involved with losing control of the traditional network perimeter. As a result, they are often unclear about security responsibility for Office 365. The fact is organizations are fully responsible for their employees’ Office 365 usage.

Find out what you are up against

  • Fraudulent Senders

    Business Email Compromise or spoofing has cost companies $5B+ over the past 3 years.
    Public Service Announcement, FBI

  • Vulnerable Vector

    No matter how much the threat landscape changes, malicious email and spam remain vital tools for adversaries to distribute malware because they take threats straight to the endpoint.
    Cisco 2018 Annual Cybersecurity Report

  • Change Stolen Limited Visibility to Phishing

    56%: Percentage of organizations in a survey of 1,300 IT decision makers who identified targeted phishing attacks as their biggest current cybersecurity threat.
    Global Advanced Threat Landscape Report 2018

  • Limited Visibility

    Microsoft Office 365 administrators often have limited visibility into the activities of their users, such as the files they’re accessing, the policies for those files, and whether or not those users' accounts have been compromised.

A Secure Office 365 Experience

Remove Risky Files

When email attachments with stealthy malware evade detection, Cisco Email Security automatically removes them from Office 365 mailboxes. This saves administrators hours of work, and because threats are removed faster, organizations can manage risk more effectively.

Cisco Email Security with Advanced Malware Protection

Protect Sensitive Data

Protect against compromise by a bad actor taking over a legitimate account. Block users from accidentally sharing sensitive information.

Cisco Cloudlock

Get the best of both worlds
Add enterprise-grade security to the leading productivity platform

Many organizations are learning that there is a constant balancing act when adopting new technology to enable productivity and keep things cost effective, without sacrificing security.

Want to see how others have added robust security to their Office 365 environment?

Free Trials

You wouldn't buy a car without test driving it, so why buy a security solution without testing it in your network?

In Person

Interested in taking a deeper dive in enhanced security for Microsoft O365? Come join us at an upcoming conference, cyber defense clinic or workshop.

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