Security Infographics

Why Your Business
Deserves Better Security


Small businesses
are hit by 62% of
all cyberattacks


The average cost of
a compromise for SMBs
in 2019 was $1.24M


58% of SMBs say they do not
have visibility into employees’
password practices

Protect your business with the
strongest security team on the planet.


What are your main security concerns?


Securing your network

Firewalls control access to your company's resources by monitoring incoming and outgoing network traffic. For added protection, look for a firewall that offers visibility and automation.

Meraki MX (cloud based)
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Cisco Firepower
1000 Series (on-prem)
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Protecting your employees' devices

Cisco Secure Endpoints prevents threats at the point of entry and then continuously tracks every file it allows onto your endpoints, such as mobile devices, laptops, desktop PCs, and more.

Cisco Secure Endpoints
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Protect your passwords

Secure Access by Duo helps protect users and their devices against stolen credentials, phishing, and other identity-based attacks. It verifies users' identities before granting access to applications.

Secure Access by Duo
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Protecting your mailboxes

Cisco Secure Email Cloud Mailbox is an integrated security solution for Microsoft 365 with simple deployment, easy remediation, superior visibility, and threat intelligence from Cisco Talos.

Cisco Secure Email Cloud Mailbox
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Security for your users everywhere

Cisco Umbrella helps protect your users both on and off the network by blocking malicious Internet destinations before a connection is ever established.

Cisco Umbrella
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Talos: Your Ultimate Security Advantage

Talos security intelligence is the industry’s most powerful cyber threat protection, which Cisco integrates into every solution. Talos tracks threats across end points, networks, cloud environments, web, and email providing a comprehensive understanding of cyber threats and solid, actionable intelligence.


threats blocked
per day


emails inspected
per day


malware samples
per day

With Cisco’s integrated approach to security, you get:

A simplified security experience.

Protect your entire business with a powerful, yet simple, security approach.


Security that works as fast as you do.

Our security solutions work as a team to detect threats earlier and faster.


Security that grows with your business.

Strengthen your security strategy and reduce risk with reliable solutions.

“If it (an attack) does happen, we can
find it quickly, shut it down, and contain it.”

– Mike Austin, CEO, Macon-Bibb County Housing Authority


You build your business—we’ll secure it.

Let us show you how easy it can be to protect your entire organization—yes, all of it—so you can run your business fearlessly.

Contact us today to learn how Cisco Security solutions work together to keep your employees safe and your business protected.

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