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Asset Visibility with Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE)

Get the most out of your Cisco security solution

Your ISE Journey for Asset Visibility

Set up Asset Visibility to gain visibility into who and what is accessing network resources. Detect and classify endpoints connected to the network, track and monitor device types and activity, and prebuild user-defined conditions to grant endpoints access based on profile. Requires Advantage license.

The resources on this page will assist you in setting up Asset Visibility. Use the content groupings below to begin your setup. Your journey doesn’t end with the Use phase. Stay tuned for additional resources to help you engage, adopt, and optimize.



You have likely already set up your Smart Licensing account and planned for ISE setup— but if not, start here.


Ready to configure Asset Visibility? First, be sure you've installed ISE. Then, use the resources below to configure profiling probes and network devices, create custom profiles, set up context visibility, and more.


As you begin to scale and enhance your Asset Visibility processes, use these resources to troubleshoot and optimize.

Success Measures

Wondering if you've set up Asset Visibility successfully? Once you've completed configuration, navigate in ISE to:

  1. Operations > RADIUS> Live Logs
  2. Work Centers > Profiler > Reports
  3. Context Visibility > Endpoints > Endpoint Classification (ISE 2.1+)

Upgrade to the latest ISE Software version

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ISE release notes

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Communities and Services

ISE on Cisco Community

The Cisco Community offers a vibrant peer-to-peer network focused on ISE. Join today for quick tips and expert answers.

Cisco Advanced Services

Cisco Advanced Services offers hands-on assistance for setting up Cisco ISE and configuring it to meet your goals.

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