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Cisco Firepower Next-Generation Firewall

Get started with your Firepower Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW)

Your Cisco Security Zone Policy and Access Journey

These resources will assist you in setting up your Next-Generation Firewall, starting with Onboard. Your journey doesn’t end with the Use phase. Stay tuned for additional resources to help you engage, adopt, and optimize.



Ready to start planning for your Next-Generation Firewall setup? Get started with these guides. Then, set up your Smart Licensing account and learn about the three NGFW license types. Plus, don't forget, you have SecureX Threat Response.

Get familiar with the installation steps required for your Cisco Firepower Device Manager and Firepower Management Center.


Ready to configure specific firewall policies? Check out the information below on common practices, as well as information on various policy types.


As you move your Next-Generation Firewall from a testing environment to a production environment, follow these simple best practices.

  1. For the initial deployment, start with your traditional firewall. Then, gradually turn on your next-generation features.
  2. If possible, load with a portion of your network traffic first.
  3. For the initial deployment, only turn on the firewall rules that were pre-existing.
  4. Deploy with a safe evaluation configuration.
  5. Once you have confidence in the policy configuration, change the actions to drop the appropriate traffic.


Make sure you have the latest software version and understand what’s at risk if you don't.

Why you should upgrade

Discover why software upgrades are critical to your business' safety and how they can help improve the functionality of your solution.

Start your upgrade

Ready to begin your upgrade? Read the latest NGFW release notes to understand how to upgrade your software to the latest version.

Refresh your ASA hardware

Want to upgrade to a new Cisco Firewall but stay on the ASA code base? No problem. Learn why it's important with this guide.


You are eligible for SecureX. Unify, automate, and strengthen your security across network, endpoints, cloud, and applications with this simplified platform experience.

SecureX threat response

Reduce the time and effort it takes to investigate and remediate cybersecurity incidents with SecureX threat response. Learn how to configure this SecureX application using the resources below. 

SecureX threat response and Firepower

Learn about the benefits of using SecureX threat response and Firepower together.

Integration configuration

Learn how to create a firewall module in SecureX threat response with this quick instructional video. 

Helpful resources

Discover key resources to help you get started with SecureX threat response.

NGFW Monthly Webinars

Get real-time answers to your NGFW questions with technical webinars and training videos.  Don't miss out on live access to the experts for best practices and real-time learning.

Engage and Connect

Join Cisco Community for NGFW

The Cisco Community offers a vibrant peer-to-peer network focused on NGFW. Join today for best practices, quick tips, and answers to FAQs.