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Cisco Email Security Best Practices

Get the most out of your solution

Enjoy the full functionality of Cisco Email Security. Watch these videos and view the guides to set up our most popular features.

Best practices

Comprehensive best practices

Get all your Email Security and Security Management Appliance questions answered.

Get started

Preinstallation worksheet

Complete this worksheet to tell us what email security functionality your organization needs.

Initial setup

Get the most out of your Email Security Appliance from the very beginning.

ESA initial setup wizard

Set up your Email Security Appliance with these 7 quick steps.

SMA initial setup wizard

Set up your Content Security Management Appliance with these 6 quick steps.

Advanced features

URL filtering

Learn how to use URL filtering to boost protection.

Advanced threat tools

Configure antivirus, advanced malware protection, and outbreak filters.

Destination control and bounce verification

Stop bounce attacks and practice good neighbor policies.

Antispam graymail and safe unsubscribe

Prevent graymail from clogging your users' inboxes.

Content filters

Protect your email with content filters.


Fight spam and prevent phishing with proper DMARC authentication and verification.

Data loss prevention (DLP)

Prevent sensitive data from leaving your corporate network.

Encrypt your email

Protect your organization's sensitive emails with the Cisco Registered Envelope Service.