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Incident Response

Breach Readiness and Response

Tips for Preparing
for the Inevitable

security threats Security Threats Why is effective security so challenging?
  • Mobility

    The availability of mobile devices and cloud services has redefined not only the way we work, but where we work.

  • Security Complexity

    Most enterprises today manage dozens of point products that were not designed to work together.

  • The Attackers

    Hackers today are sophisticated and elusive. Many times, they can compromise an organization in minutes.

Incident Response Strategy Don't wait for the emergency -
be proactive

The world is changing fast. The choices you make now will decide whether you're setting the pace in your industry or playing catch-up. No organization with growth and success in its charter wants its critical departments managing the ripple effects of a security breach, which can extend for years - or even permanently.

The moment you least expect an attack on your network is the moment you should be the most prepared.

Watch this short video to learn the preemptive steps you can take.

Stop threats in their tracks with this Top 5 Guide.

The following steps will guide you through quickly establishing an
incident response program:
  • Identify an incident response leader who has a solid understanding of your business and your organization’s security strategy, and is a responsible problem solver.

  • Assemble and empower a team of critical stakeholders from across the business, with clearly defined roles and responsibilities.

  • Document your incident response process. The key is consistency. It doesn't have to be complicated. Just make sure it works for your organization's culture and business requirements.

  • Map your required incident response capabilities to the people, security program, and tools already within your organization.

  • Understand the most significant capability gaps in your incident response process, and build a plan to address them. Start with a minimum viable process, and then enhance it over time.

Real Examples of Breach Response in Practice

It's time to secure your future

The security talent shortage combined with an increase in incidents has led to a generally weak security posture among most organizations. Successful attacks result in huge monetary losses, lost intellectual property, compromised client information and confidence, and lower corporate valuations.

Organizations around the world have now realized that sitting back and waiting for an alert to fire, or worse yet, an external entity such as law enforcement contacting them to inform them about an incident in their environment, puts them in a precarious position.

What's keeping you up at night?

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