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8 Ways to Enable the Cloud Edge in Manufacturing

8 Ways to
Enable the Cloud Edge
in Manufacturing

Use cases for the Cisco Catalyst 8000
Edge Platforms Family

8 Ways to Enable the Cloud Edge in Manufacturing
For Manufacturers today

For Manufacturers today, the cloud edge requires a new approach

As manufacturers embrace resiliency to secure and enable continuity in their operations and supply chains, their legacy WAN architectures are often slowing them down because they're too complex to manage and lack automation.

As network speeds increase, higher levels of agility can be achieved by manufacturers, who can benefit through new services or cloud apps. However, they may also suffer increased costs, compromised security, and greater downtime.

Add the lack of visibility when consuming applications over the Internet and worker productivity can suffer. Now, more than ever, manufacturers are needing to enable remote experts, remote operations, and dispersed teams to drive workforce continuity.


60% of organizations
expect the majority of apps
to be SaaS by 2021


43% of network teams identified
improving embedded network
security capabilities as a priority

Over 70% of the global

Over 70% of the global population will have mobile connectivity by 2023. The total number of global mobile subscribers will grow from 5.1 billion (66% of population) in 2018 to 5.7 billion (71% of population) by 2023.

Cisco Catalyst 8000 Edge

As your manufacturing operations expand in order to securely enable dispersed workers, remote experts, and remote operations, you'll need greater agility and automation to manage the load. That's why the Cisco Catalyst 8000 Edge Platforms offer flexibility, pervasive security, and deeper visibility. Plus, it's all in an easy to use cloud-based, as-a-service solution to bridge your WAN edge to the cloud edge.

Discover 8 possibilities at the new cloud edge with
the Catalyst 8000 Edge Platforms Family

deliver exceptional

Deliver an exceptional
multi cloud experience
for your operation


Prepare for

Secure your DIA

Secure your DIA

Enable a SASE

Enable a
SASE architecture

Become 5G

Get your operations
5G ready

Embed resilience

Embed resilience, agility,
and self-healing capabilities
at the cloud edge

Host Applications

Host applications to your edge for lower latency


Consolidate services with a software-defined branch

Gain the agility, security, and visibility manufacturers'
need with the Cisco Catalyst 8000 Edge Platforms family

encrypted traffic

3x the encrypted traffic performance

3x to 4x

3x to 4x the performance – higher processing through a customized high-speed port connection to the main processing engine

Up to 5x

Up to 5x greater IPsec performance than current alternatives on the market

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