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Now You Can Build 5G SD-WAN

Multigigabit 5G SD-WAN is here.

Multigigabit 5G has the power to bring cellular from a
trustworthy backup option to a primary SD-WAN link.

5G Wireless WAN

Gartner finds that:

Deploy tens

By 2023, 5G will double enterprise wireless SD-WAN deployments from 5% to 10%

Deploy tens

5G will quadruple wireless SD-WAN deployments to 20% of SD-WAN locations by 2023

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40% of global CSPs will have launched viable public 5G services by 2025

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Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) will grow to 20% of the market in 5 years

5G Your Way

Let’s talk about deployment. Multigigabit 5G comes in multiple spectrums that are complementary. A successful 5G SD-WAN solution is able to use a combination of sub-6-Ghz and millimeter wave (mmWave) spectrums to give you the best experience:

5G Your Way
Deploy tens

Sub 6Ghz 5G, also known as low-band and mid-band 5G, has great reach and reliability, and can provide multigigabit download speeds of up to 6.5Gbps. Sub 6Ghz use cases include: urban deployment, rural deployments, mobile and workstation endpoint connections, broadband branch backup, and more.

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mmWave 5G, also known as high-band and ultra wide-band 5G, provides much greater throughput but comes with distance and stability limitations. Use cases include Industry 4.0 IoT and OT transformations, Smart City technologies.

5G Simplicity

5G SD-WAN simplicity

Multigigabit 5G SD-WAN allows for faster cloud access and digital transformations. With multigigabit 5G, your SD-WAN fabric is not restricted to broadband availability. Gain access to multicloud applications and offer rich digital services wherever cellular is found.

Dashboard integration means that multigigabit 5G SD-WAN is easily deployed and managed through your SD-WAN vManage console.

Cisco 5G SD-WAN

Multigigabit 5G SD-WAN is a simple, low-cost solution with the Cisco® Catalyst® Cellular Gateways.

The Catalyst Cellular Gateways provide multigigabit 5G SD-WAN links through your Cisco SD-WAN vManage* console, connecting your existing network to the cloud via a single Power over Ethernet (PoE) cable.

Cisco 5G Wireless WAN

Get the speed, flexibility and scalability with
Cisco Catalyst Cellular Gateways

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Cloud-managed 5G

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SD-WAN Ready

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Simple connectivity over Ethernet

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Trustworthy Solutions

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Cost-savings on enterprise-class connectivity

*IOS XE version 17.5 and later

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