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HyperFlex Customer Stories E-book

Cisco HyperFlex Customer Stories

Cisco HyperFlex
Customer Stories

See how our customers are changing the world.
New York City Nonprofit
Organization, City Harvest,
Alleviates Hunger with
Technology Help
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New York City Nonprofit, City Harvest, Alleviates Hunger with Technology Help


As City Harvest continued to expand its anti-hunger program, creating a secure environment was a key consideration, and a virtual desktop infrastructure was chosen because of its ability to isolate the environment.


City Harvest selected the Cisco HyperFlex™ system, which allows the organization to create hundreds of virtual desktops in minutes and easily add processing power using Cisco Unified Computing System™ (Cisco UCS®) blades. In addition, troubleshooting and support is provided with just a single call to Cisco to resolve any issue: for servers, networking, or storage.


  • Flexibility for employees and volunteers: Cisco HyperFlex system and the Cisco Nexus® switches were up and running in just one day, and the City Harvest IT team built hundreds of virtual desktops in minutes.
  • Increased efficiency: City Harvest also chose Cisco UCS to run its business applications: by moving 100 virtual machines from traditional servers to Cisco UCS, the organization eliminated an entire rack.
  • Scaling to do more: Food insecurity—the lack of access to adequate, nutritious food—remains persistently high in New York City. “Cisco HyperFlex and Cisco UCS help make our truck routes more efficient and more securely run our desktops and our applications.”
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Cisco HyperFlex makes it easy to scale as we grow to feed more people. More employees? We’ll connect another HyperFlex node. More applications? We’ll slide in another compute-only server.

James Safonov
Head of Information Technology and Information Security for City Harvest

Bellevue Group Doubles
Virtual Desktop Speed for
Faster Calculations
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Bellevue Group Doubles Virtual Desktop
Speed for Faster Calculations


Bellevue Group’s traders and portfolio managers need to see real-time market data to execute trades for clients at the best prices. Researchers work with sophisticated spreadsheet models to make quick buy and sell recommendations. Fast desktop performance is critical to the success of Bellevue Group and its clients.


The all-in-one Cisco HyperFlex hyperconverged platform with Citrix XenDesktop and XenApp hosts virtual desktops for traders, researchers, and portfolio managers. Cisco UCS hosts 200 virtual servers, including servers for core banking and portfolio management.


  • Improved application performance and doubled the speed of complex spreadsheet calculations
  • Made it easy to add new users and applications to support virtual desktop use cases for every employee in the bank
  • Allowed IT to manage both the Cisco HyperFlex system and existing Cisco UCS environment using the Cisco UCS Manager interface
Full Case Study

Cisco HyperFlex is the simplest VDI platform available. We didn’t have to worry about connecting storage because it’s in the same appliance. We didn’t even have to learn a new management interface because we already used Cisco UCS Manager.

Holger Schultes
Head of IT for Bellevue Group

Virtual Desktops Bring Greater
Efficiency and User Satisfaction
to Mayfran International
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Virtual Desktops Bring Greater Efficiency and User Satisfaction to Mayfran International


“We had to replace our traditional SAN because it was aging and we were running low on resources. We needed more compute but our current architecture didn’t allow us to add compute nodes,” said Erik Silders, network manager for Mayfran.


By using the Cisco HyperFlex system, Mayfran International has completely transformed the work of its engineers, who can now engage customers regularly and more resourcefully.


With the Cisco HyperFlex system, engineers can open 3D models 80 percent faster, eliminating stress and wasted time. With this solution, Mayfran can accommodate its server environment needs, expand its virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) footprint, and modify its virtual desktop profiles whenever they want or need to do so.

Full Case Study

Before, it would take 15-20 minutes to open each design file. Now it only takes four minutes.

Clint Nagy
Project Engineer
for Mayfran International

Blue Pearl Veterinary
Partners Modernizes its
Data Center with a
Hyperconverged Platform
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Blue Pearl Veterinary Partners Modernizes its Data Center with a Hyperconverged Platform


BluePearl's business is growing fast, doubling in just two years. To continue to provide excellent performance and healthcare-grade systems availability to all animal care facilities, the company faced a choice: either hire more IT staff or make its environment easier to manage.


Instead of expanding its IT team, BluePearl began looking for a unified solution that could scale flexibly—without losing the end-to-end management simplicity the company sought. BluePearl decided to move away from its previous infrastructure platform and standardize on Cisco HyperFlex systems to unlock the full potential of hyperconverged infrastructure.


The BluePearl team unboxed and configured the Cisco HyperFlex solution in one business day. With single-pane-of-glass management, BluePearl can keep the IT headcount flat, despite rapid growth, and avoid hiring three senior-level engineers. Instead of being consumed by infrastructure management, IT staff can focus on providing excellent user experiences.

Full Case Study

Cisco HyperFlex took 80 percent less time to deploy than our previous solution, and speed equals efficiency. When you run as lean as we do, every minute is valuable.

Derek DePasture
Senior Network Engineer,
BluePearl Veterinary Partner

Bryant University Delivers
Classroom Apps on Virtual
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Bryant University Delivers Classroom Apps on Virtual Desktops


Bryant University takes pride in its reputation for academic innovation. The university now offers a new concentration in applied analytics that provides students with hands-on experience using Statistical Analysis System (SAS) software, leading to resume-boosting SAS certification. The university needed a way to deliver SAS software to students without burdening the students or the IT team.



  • Improved IT services for students with hassle-free virtual desktop access, including access to all applications and databases needed for assignments
  • Reduced lab desktop costs by 87 percent with the use of thin clients
  • Reduced space and power requirements and cooling costs
  • Saved time for the IT team and enabled the university to expand VDI use throughout the campus
Full Case Study

Delivering virtual desktops from Cisco HyperFlex creates a great experience for students, teachers, and staff while making life easier for IT.

Carlos Samayoa
Manager of Infrastructure
Services, Bryant University

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