Navigate to VMWare VMM domain tab

Navigate to VMWare tab in the VMM Domain menu.

Select the AEP

Select the appropriate AEP to continue. One thing to keep in mind is that the AEP should reference the VMM domain we just created.

Select the appropriate VLAN Pool

Select the appropriate VLAN Pool and then continue.

Enter the vCenter credentials

Create the vCenter credentials profile to used in the next steps to continue.

Add the vCenter controller

Let us now add the vCenter controller. We will use the vCenter credentials as were saved in the vCenter credentials profile in the earlier step.

Create the VMM domain

Once all the vCenter domain users and controllers are defined, we will then create the vCenter domain (VMM domain)

Verify the VMM domain in vCenter

We can verify the creation of the vCenter domain (VMM domain) by accessing the vSphere web client.