Navigate to Bridge Domain tab under the Demo tenant

Click to bring up the dialog box to create a new Bridge Domain.

Choose an appropriate name

Choose a desired name for your Bridge Domain and then proceed.

Select a VRF

A bridge domain is always associated with a private network. Select the Demo-VRF that we previously created from the VRF list.

Specify subnet identity

When you define a subnet under a BD, you are creating an anycast gateway – that is, a gateway address for a subnet that potentially exists on every leaf node (if required). In the traditional world, think of this as an SVI interface that can exist on more than one node with the same address.

Specify Bridge Domain for the VRF

Specify Bridge Domain for the VRF.

Advanced troubleshooting details

For this walkthrough, we will not specify any monitoring policy

Bridge Domain created

A new Demo-Bridge Domain is now created.