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Cisco Webex Teams

Cisco Webex

Cisco Webex Teams puts
the work in teamwork.

Continuous manufacturing collaboration before,
during, and after the meeting.

37% of employee time is spent in meetings.1

72% of executives rated effective team communication and collaboration as key drivers of business success.2

Whether meetings are planned in advance or held whenever - and wherever - inspiration strikes, Cisco Webex Teams helps you make the most of your team’s time.

With continuous team collaboration, people can connect effortlessly, making meetings intuitive and not an interruption.

Follow the timeline to see the difference Webex Teams can make in manufacturing.


Delivering a big order requires adherence to a tight schedule. A production line down for an extended period of time is not an option. You create a new Cisco Webex Teams space and add your operations team members to securely work together, meet, and share from remote locations to resolve the issue.


Within your dedicated space, you share the increased production requirements using Webex Teams messaging and post relevant documents using file sharing. The team can collaborate quickly to select a meeting time to determine production and operational requirements.


At the meeting time, team members just click the Webex Teams link on their calendars to join. Powered by Cisco Webex Meetings, users can expect a seamless experience on any device, wherever they are.


During the meeting, team members speak face-to-face using video, share their applications and screens, and even brainstorm ideas using the whiteboard.

Faster decision making in meetings using video.3


After the meeting, team members message about action items in your Webex Teams space and post revised plans so everyone can find the most updated version.


The conversation continues for as long as you need. Team members across the entire manufacturing process message their task updates, share files, stay connected on deliverables and deadlines, and can even schedule additional meetings or initiate them on-demand. Seamless collaboration from engineering to production ensures the supply chain is ready.

Cisco was recently identified as a leader in five collaboration-focused Gartner Magic Quadrants, including web conferencing and group video systems.


You deliver the updated production plan to the operations, sales, and executive teams, ahead of the 5:00 p.m. deadline. Plus all files, messages, whiteboard drawings, and action items are saved in your dedicated Webex Teams space so you never lose context.


The customer calls - they are happy with the production schedule and are confident you will meet their needs. Other suppliers were unable to provide viable proposals within the short deadline window. You share the good news via your Webex Teams space, and the team makes plans to celebrate!

Cisco Webex Teams

for continuous manufacturing workflow before, during, and after the meeting.

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