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Campus Network Assurance with Cisco DNA Center

Get the most out of your intent-based networking solution

Your Cisco DNA Center Journey for Campus Network Assurance

The resources on this page will walk you through the steps required for campus network assurance.

Use the steps below to begin setup, starting with Onboard. And don’t worry: Your journey doesn’t end with the Use phase. Stay tuned for additional resources to help you engage, adopt, and optimize your Cisco DNA Center.



To begin the first phase of your setup, follow the actions below. Click each step for a list of resources to guide you through the suggested actions.

Get to know Cisco DNA Center and plan your project

Get to know Cisco Smart Accounts

Get started with Cisco DNA Center

  • Managing applications - Install applications you want to use in Cisco DNA Center and uninstall ones you are not using.


Ready to build upon your initial setup? The actions in this phase will help you build and scale your network. Click each step for associated resources.

Discover your network with Cisco DNA Center

Build your network and site hierarchy

Complete your Wireless Assurance setup

  • Assigning devices to sites - Learn how devices—such as your wireless LAN controller (WLC)—can be assigned to specific sites using the topology map.
  • Monitoring network health - Learn how to see Assurance data and use it to get a global view of the health of your network and your wireless clients.
  • Adding devices to a site - Discover how to add devices to a site in order to add them to a Cisco SD-Access infrastructure.

Scale your endpoint deployment to more than 250 client devices

  • Discovering your network - Enable the discovery feature to scan and configure devices, such as your WLCs, on your network.


To complete the next phase of your setup, follow the steps below. Each one is accompanied by resources to guide you through the necessary actions.

Monitor network health

Scale your network infrastructure

View issues detected by Assurance

  • Detecting issues with Assurance - Learn how Assurance can perform the work of a Level 3 support engineer, providing both system-guided and self-guided troubleshooting.

Validate and check your Cisco DNA Center appliance software for updates

Ask the Experts

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Engage and Connect

Join Cisco Community

The Cisco Community offers a vibrant peer-to-peer network focused on Cisco DNA Center. Join today for best practices, quick tips, and answers to FAQs.

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