Simplify your
network operations

Simplifying network operations isn’t always simple, but it can be a lot easier with Cisco’s Digital Network Architecture (Cisco DNA).

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1. Take the easy road to QoS

Why provision QoS manually? Put your specialized IT resources on more meaningful, productive, and complex tasks.

2. Turn intent into action

In minutes, you define the goal for business-critical applications, ensure policy consistency, and achieve faster launches of new business services.

3. Get a birds-eye view of the network

View your network through a single, centralized dashboard for a fast and easy way to design, provision, and apply policy. Even beyond the access edge.

4. Solve issues before they become issues

The network itself lets you know when (and where) it’s time to take action, with always-on analytics.

5. Get peace of mind

Use Cisco Services to support your success and make the migration to your automated network infrastructure easy.

Today’s new networks don’t have to be more complicated. You need one that is constantly learning. Constantly adapting. Constantly protecting. Built on Cisco DNA.