Bloomberg asked leading thinkers how we can solve the world’s most pressing challenges and shared their answers in a six-part video series. At Cisco, we know technology can help. Watch the videos to see how we’re making the world better.

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A new generation of global problem solvers

See how Cisco is helping tomorrow’s workers develop the skills they need to succeed.

Learn how Cisco helps to establish emergency communications during global crises and supports innovative efforts worldwide that use technology to solve our biggest problems.

Security and the digital economy

Learn why effective security is crucial to innovation in the new economy.

See how digital banks are innovating to bring the human touch back to their customers.

Could digital transformation save the planet?

Learn how securely connecting roads, city lighting, and everything else is saving energy.

Find out why doing what’s good for the environment is also good for business.

Connecting people in crisis

The Cisco Tactical Operations team helps bring order to disaster.

Your biggest competitor: cyberattacks

Your next big idea isn’t worth much if you can't protect it.

Cities are getting more efficient

Cisco technology is helping them do it.

Keeping Peyton Connected

One courageous girl used technology to stay involved in school while fighting cancer. See her story >

Big problems call for big ideas

See more Bloomberg big thinkers >