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Verizon rolls out SD-WAN enterprise service

Enterprises will benefit from:

  • Increased scalability and agility by enabling new services to be provisioned more quickly.
  • Control of operational expenditures (OPEX) through automation of service provisioning and a self-service user interface
  • Enhanced user experience and better business outcomes.

Enterprises will have access to a library of Cisco-based Virtual Network Functions (VNF) from Verizon using Cisco’s Virtual Managed Services (VMS) to speed business processes and work more efficiently. 

Cisco’s VMS provides Verizon with a platform for rapid provisioning, zero touch automation and centralized policy management for Cisco’s Intelligent Wide-Area Network (WAN) service offering. Verizon is one of the first global network service providers to deploy the VMS Intelligent WAN service. 


Providing service providers with a fast and simple way to offer SD-WAN services   

Cisco’s Virtual Managed Services (VMS) is a turn-key software-defined services platform for the rapid delivery of SD-WAN, security, and automation services. Cisco’s VMS uses Cisco devices, software and network topologies, like its Digital Network Architecture for enterprises, so service providers can scale to the growing needs of their customers and quickly integrate it within their own infrastructure as well as with their enterprise customers.

"Cisco is an important technology provider helping us to plan and deliver secure, high-performance virtualized services with agility to our clients."

- Shawn Hakl, vice president of networking and innovation, Verizon

Cisco’s VMS is built upon a cloud native, container-based architecture that is designed to transform service provider networks of the future. This solution brings greater automation, virtualization, and simplicity to networking and will help enable operators worldwide to transform and secure their networks, while offering new services quickly.


Partnering to Offer Greater Insight to Customers

Verizon wants to help its enterprise customers have more insight and control over their IT and networking infrastructure through virtualization. Verizon and Cisco continue the joint innovation for enterprise customers with the adoption of VMS. With the VMS platform, Verizon and Cisco will be able to offer seamless delivery of Cisco virtualized platform and solutions in the future. This will provide faster time to market for joint offerings.


Are you ready to offer SD-WAN?

To see why you need to prepare for SD-WAN as a service provider, see our eBook, Bridging the Innovation Gap: Meeting Enterprise Customer Expectations in a Constantly Evolving Network Services Marketplace

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