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Sky New Zealand advances to Cisco Infinite Video Platform

Sky New Zealand, a leader in the New Zealand payTV market, is transforming its pay TV operations with the Cisco® Infinite Video Platform. Taking its entertainment service to new levels, Sky will introduce multiscreen TV experiences that will reach its New Zealand subscribers via their phones, tablets and internet-connected set-top boxes/receivers.

On the horizon is the introduction of a Hybrid PVR solution with Kaon Hybrid DVR set-top boxes and video-on-demand over IP, extending to iOS and Android personal consumer devices. This will be the beginning of a multi-phase technology transformation project that enables Sky to utilise cloud technologies for the network operations and video delivery side, as well as the consumer side with new services like multiscreen cloud DVR.

"The New Zealand pay TV market is witnessing a lot of different players introducing multiscreen and OTT services, while a large population is still watching TV via satellite dishes."

- Julian Wheeler, Chief Product & Technology Officer, Sky New Zealand

“With our existing leadership position, Sky is uniquely positioned to bring these two segments together and offer a seamless experience that brings the best of the broadcast and IP world, and takes the TV experience to a whole new level,” said Conrad Clemson, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Service Provider Platforms and Applications, Cisco. “Cisco’s cloud-based SaaS delivery model, combining broadcast and IP, offered us the speed we needed to get new services to market.

“While the bulk of the premium video today is over broadcast networks, the world is rapidly moving toward a new normal, where the future of video will be the IP network. With the Infinite Video Platform, our vision is to make IP video match and exceed broadcast quality and reliability. Sky joins a growing global community of customers who are moving along with this vision.”

Cisco is building the simplified, automated and virtualised network platform of the future based on industry-leading software, systems, silicon and services. This enables service providers, media and web companies worldwide to reduce costs and time to market, while securing their networks and sustaining profitable growth.

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