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Multidimensional programmability

Get flexibility at your fingertips with outcome-based automation and micro-tuning at every layer of the stack.

Unprecedented customization

The power to customize even advanced networks to your specific needs is here. Management, control, and data planes all can be programmed to fit your operational environment. Combined with model-driven telemetry, which paves the way for advanced automation, you can tailor your network with extraordinary control.

Learn more about Cisco IOS XR multidimensional programmability

Innovative control to reimagine your network operations.

Unlock network visibility

Gain real-time network insights by turning on model-driven telemetry in your network.

Realize fine-grained control at scale

Choose the best path with Segment Routing.

Automate new device onboarding

Simplify and automate day zero and day one operations with zero-touch provisioning (ZTP).

Explore rapid network innovation

Deploy and operate thousands of network devices faster than ever before

Fast-track new device onboarding with zero-touch provisioning. Automatically power your device up within minutes complete with your customized provisioning.

Get real-time insights into what’s happening in the network with model-driven telemetry.

Accelerate operations through automation with extensive support for YANG data models, including native, OpenConfig and IETF models, which all offer programmatic access to software features.

YANG Development Kit API

Comprehensive Service Development Kit for programming network devices using YANG data models.


  1. Simple programmability through abstraction of YANG, protocols and encodings for both novice and expert programmers.
  2. Rich built-in data validation.
  3. Comprehensive data model support (Cisco, OpenConfig, IETF).

Service Layer API

Broad SDK for agumenting control plane of network devices


  1. High-performance direct interface to control plane for routing functions programming.
  2. Build your do-it-yourself system for rapid network innovation.
  3. Leverage Proven XR Infrastructure.