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Lower TCO with a standards-based Remote PHY solution

An extension of DOCSIS 3.1, Remote PHY is designed to help cable operators overcome the limitations of analog fiber by unlocking bandwidth in access networks and enabling “fiber deep” architectures that push digital fiber much closer to the home.


How Remote PHY Works

Current I-CMTS platforms combine both CCAP core routing functions and physical-layer QAM and ODFM modulation in one box — one fairly sophisticated and expensive box. Remote PHY splits CMTS functions so that CCAP core and physical-layer functions can run separately, in different locations. CCAP core routing can run out of larger hubs (or even vCCAP instances in a data center), while QAM and ODFM modulation get pushed out to Remote PHY Devices (RPDs) located closer to subscribers.


Remote PHY: Lowering TCO

With Remote PHY, you can deploy fewer sophisticated CCAP routing platforms, connected to many smaller footprint, less expensive RPDs. You don’t have to run a large number of full-featured I-CMTS platforms at every hub, consuming space and power as you scale, and requiring advanced onsite expertise to deploy and maintain. You can consolidate CCAP core functions to larger hubs or data centers and push digital fiber deeper into your access network — in some cases, all the way to the node. You only have to worry about converting to analog HFC for the last few hundred feet to the residence. And you can dramatically boost bandwidth to every home.


The Benefits of a Standards-Based Solution

Remote PHY and DOCSIS® 3.1, two CableLabs standards, work together to expand the capacity of the cable HFC plants. It is the only Distributed Access Architecture (DAA) standard in the industry. The result of an industry-wide initiative chaired by CableLabs®, the Remote PHY specification includes substantial contributions from Cisco.

As a standard, Remote PHY allows vendors to build to a common platform, and customers to experience the same level of industry cooperation as with previous DOCSIS specifications. Cisco’s Remote PHY solution is based on open, standardized software that was contributed to Cable Labs OpenRPD forum in 2016. This open source initiative creates an ecosystem of Remote PHY device (RPD) vendors, enabling cable operators to select a RPD vendor that best meets their needs, without being locked into a single vendor’s proprietary solution.


The Cisco Infinite Broadband Solution

In our new E-Book, The Road to Cisco Infinite Broadband we explain how you can use our state-of-the-art CCAP, Remote PHY, and cloud-native solutions to reduce TCO, unlock new efficiencies and gain Gigabit capacity over your existing HFC access networks.

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