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Deliver Seamless X-Access Convergence with 5G

Enable digital transformation with simultaneous wireless and wireline broadband access.

  • At the office
  • At home

Make it simple to deliver:

Greater Bandwidth

Higher Resiliency

Increased Efficiency

Seamless X-Access Convergence from Cisco

Deploy Next-Generation Mobile Core technology and software on the industry-leading Cloud-Native Cisco Ultra Services Platform while using Heterogeneous Networks (HetNet) to enable Wireless and Wireline Convergence

Seamlessly provide bandwidth aggregation across multiple links

Increase bandwidth and improve quality of experience

Simultaneously connect to cellular (4G LTE and 5G), Wi-Fi and Wireline IP access

Direct traffic across different access types to provide enhanced broadband, high reliability, while controlling costs

Offer a hot standby, so users remain online and receive the bandwidth they need – even if a connection is lost

Be competitive – even if you are new to the mobility market

Empower your Business and Consumer Customers to Benefit from Digital Transformation

Cisco can help you better serve and reach new customers and profit from new technologies

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