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Automate network operations for business success

Automation is fast becoming a core component of every service provider's network strategy. The explanation for this move is straightforward – the adoption of an automation technology platform can help service provider executives like yourself to solve some of your key business concerns. Let's find out more.


How can you build a business case for automation?

Your business is under pressure to deliver new services quickly and efficiently. In the digital age, your customers can potentially access more channels and content than ever before. You must continue to embrace digital transformation. Those service providers that do not continue to develop new, innovative services will lose market share.

Yet innovation is not your only concern. A reduction in operational costs remains a key issue for service providers. The good news is that automation can help your business to both reduce the costs associated with manually intensive configuration processes and to quicken the pace of service activation.

Automated processes de-risk business operations – with less intervention your business can reduce the potential for human error. When provisioning is easier, your organization can also improve its operational efficiency by being able to release new, innovative services rapidly and simply.

Automation is already delivering great results for pioneering firms. Research suggests overall time savings range from 60 to 70 per cent, with related operational expenditure avoidance of between 50 and 70 per cent. Over five years, those results translate to savings that exceed $70 million for the biggest service providers. Who wouldn't want to make similar savings in their business?


What are the business benefits of automation?

Service providers all over the world are seeing the results of automation in action. With more than 73 million mobile customers in Japan, NTT DOCOMO, INC., is managing intense demands on its core network to provide communication services to its subscribers. DOCOMO deployed a network functions virtualization (NFV) system last year, but due to the complexity and time-consuming operations with network device provisioning, it has taken the initiative to fully improve its business efficiency by applying "automation" to various operations.

See how Cisco services can help you automate your network

Dr. Atsushi Murase, director, executive general manager of Solution Service Division, DOCOMO Technology, Inc., commented: “By converting existing manual construction workflow into automated operation with the Cisco NSO implementation, we aim to lower our overall network device provisioning operations and time drastically, and achieve smooth transition to commercialized network operation by reducing configuration error.”

“This will enable us to simplify network operations while gaining improved efficiency to respond to operational requirements to provide high quality and reliable services to our customers.”

Simplified network operations will also help boost customer experience. Less time on provisioning means more opportunity to concentrate on innovation, with the aim of creating high quality and reliable services. Automation, in short, can help service providers to reduce risk, cut operational cost and improve customer experiences.


Realize the benefits of automation

Your business can also reap the business benefits of automation and a host of new technologies, but you will need support. If you want to stay ahead in an increasingly competitive marketplace, find out how you can use Cisco services to make successful service provision a business reality: