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Intelligence that goes beyond human insight

The past and present come together to empower machine learning and analytics to tell you what’s important to monitor, establish what’s normal (and abnormal) for your network, identify threats, and anticipate the challenges and opportunities that most effect your business. You need augmented intelligence to cut through the clutter and help you discover actionable insights.

Knowledge is opportunity

When you’re able to see every corner of your network, it’s a lot to take in. You need to see though the noise - and focus. Focus is delivered through the new Situation Manager (which leverages Health Insights and Network Insights) to analyze offline or near real time data using a combination of machine learning and event correlation to establish norms and constantly test them to recognize anomalies – faster than any human could.

Health Insights means less time troubleshooting

Learn about preventative care for service provider networks.

Network Automation delivers on intelligence

Machine learning and analytics are a critical to enabling the automation lifecycle.

Cisco Crosswork, the first closed-loop, mass scale automation solution that embraces multi-vendor networks.