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Business outcomes

Connect with any channel, anytime, anywhere

Customers can connect with you using their channel of choice. A simple and consistent experience helps them feel valued and understood.

Improve agent and supervisor productivity

Automate to optimize engagement. Equip agents with the tools and AI assistance to solve customer issues faster and more efficiently.

Work smarter, faster, more profitably

Drive better business outcomes by analyzing interactions, identifying best practices, and embedding them back into the business.

How CX can help


Integrate collaboration technology to deliver a competitive advantage.


  • Assess, design, implement, and integrate Cisco software with third-party platforms and in-house solutions.

  • Discuss TCO, providing areas of cost savings; systems consolidation, and shared services across lines of business (LoB).

  • Review Flex capability for on-premises to cloud migration options across the LoB.

  • Consider advanced workforce management applications for quality monitoring, speech analytics, etc.


Capabilities delivered

  • Assess business goals, plan, design, integrate and deploy to cloud, on-premises, hosted, and hybrid as appropriate (Flex)

  • Dedicated support team that knows your entire solution, including Cisco and third-party elements, and facilitates support for both Cisco and third-party vendors

  • Help with technical and lifecycle enablement to take full advantage of the features that contribute to your solution and business objectives



  • Save on CapEx and OpEx with simplified licensing and growth models as well as operational efficiencies due to fewer systems and standardized data.

  • Increase the productivity and efficiency of your internal teams by letting Cisco manage your multiproduct, multivendor collaboration ecosystem.

  • Accelerate time-to-value with Cisco experts who help you identify and overcome barriers.

  • Enable live agents to cover a bigger audience by leveraging self-service.

  • Increase top-line revenue through a holistic view of the customer relationship and a focus on life cycle value.


Integrate digital channels

Simplify to deliver a competitive advantage.


  • Evaluate and strategize on non-voice customer interactions.

  • Define key customer use cases.

  • Measure and quantify customer journeys, and outcomes by channel.

  • Evaluate existing network and use cases, analysis, and solution roadmap for cloud migration.


Capabilities delivered

  • Custom Application Development and Integration services to help customize Cisco software and integrate third-party apps

  • Highly personalized support experience curated by a highly-skilled Cisco technical expert who functions as an extension of your IT team

  • Deep insight into your business and collaboration solution through business and technical reviews

  • Optimize your solution lifecycle with consultations that help you overcome challenges and advance your collaboration strategy


  • Increase top—line revenue by removing roadblocks and hurdles in customer journeys.

  • Increase customer satisfaction by giving customers the flexibility to communicate via preferred channels, and seamlessly switch channels.

  • CapEx/OpEx savings through moving from call center to contact center.

  • Lower cost channel interactions—chat costs less than voice.



Convert customer journey data and analytics into customer insights and actions.


  • Discuss your market differentiation with Cisco domain and technology experts.

  • Understand the appetite for innovation and what it means for their business for example AI, biometrics, natural-language speech.

  • Provide examples of business transformation and innovations enabled by Cisco and partners.


Capabilities delivered

  • Network infrastructure is optimized to support CCaaS, helping to enhance the end-user experience.

  • Reduced business risk with proactive monitoring and troubleshooting, dedicated incident and escalation management teams, and restoration time objectives to quickly restore your solutions.

  • Personalized, expert guidance from Cisco business consultants who understand your solution, environment, and business.



  • Capitalize on cloud speed and agility by taking advantage of new features and releases maintained by Cisco in our hosted collaboration environment.

  • Innovate with confidence with Cisco experts standing by you as you extend state-of-the-art collaboration everywhere in your business.

  • Lower costs through automation, such as the use of bots.

  • Use automation and deep insights to move from reacting to customer issues to suggesting and predicting actions that enhance customer satisfaction.


Multicloud solutions

Optimize with automation and orchestration.


  • Utilize automation engines to accept API and integration calls from Intelligence engines.

  • Orchestrate application and platform placement decisions based on cloud governance models.

  • Deploy cloud-based backup and secondary storage architectures to ease migration of workloads in public/private cloud IAAS.

  • Evaluate on-premises container-based solutions e.g. Azure stack, Google GKE on premise/Anthos, and AWS EKS container offerings.


Capabilities delivered

  • Successfully deploy workloads by verifying cloud region, system, and design requirements for target applications.

  • Deploy, lifecycle manage, and optimize containerized workloads on-premises or in the cloud.

  • Reduce complexity by modeling application profiles, including topology, infrastructure, and cloud services dependencies.

  • Manage and scale Cisco CloudCenter efficiently with governance control.

  • Increase success when moving workloads, data, and applications to the edge and cloud infrastructure.



  • Hyperconverged infrastructure allows IT to simplify management, improve productivity, and reduce operational costs.

  • Increase agility and manage total hosting costs across any cloud—independent of provider or location—public, private, or hybrid.

  • Fully-converged operational model improves efficiency, agility, quality, and security.


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