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Business outcomes

Reduce risk

Put defenses in place to safeguard your brand and business assets, and effectively protect revenue streams and business operations as well as users, devices, data, and applications.

Security with confidence

Cisco has world-class professional services that provide comprehensive expertise, from audits, advisory, and implementation, to running a SOC and responding to threats in progress.

Reduce time to detect and respond

Analytics and intelligence identify real threats and integration drives fast, automated response across the network. Increase protection with an integrated architecture.

How CX can help


Receive premium, high-touch support during critical stages of technology adoption.


  • Deploy Cisco Umbrella as a first line of defense to secure access to the internet.

  • Deploy Cisco Secure Email Cloud Gateway licensing to secure the primary threat vector.

  • Deploy Cisco Secure Endpoint to prevent attacks, and detect, contain, and remediate if malware evades defenses.

  • Deploy multi-factor authentication to verify identity (mobile push or biometrics).

  • Utilize Talos Incident Response (IR) to help prepare for, and respond to, any threat scenario.


Capabilities delivered

  • The Talos IR Retainer service includes monthly intelligence newsletters, tabletop exercises, cyber range training workshops, and more.

  • Expert help for onboarding and adoption to achieve business goals faster.

  • Cloud-managed endpoint security solution, integrating prevention, detection, and response capabilities in a single, scalable solution managed by industry experts.



  • Reduced risk with more comprehensive and integrated prevention, including detection, response and content filtering, malware detection, data exfiltration prevention.

  • Comprehensive security protection against major attack vectors protects company assets and brand.

  • Leveraging efficient prevention methods to reduce overall risk exposure and maintain brand reputation.



Secure the largest threat vectors.


  • Utilize Cisco SecureX Network Analytics to gain real-time visibility across the network—from branch to cloud.

  • Use SecureX Network Analytics insights to formulate an actionable plan to improve the security.

  • Leverage Cisco Secure Endpoint to identify and detect advanced threats and continuously track files to the endpoint.

  • Leverage Cisco Umbrella to detect attempted resolution of a malicious domain.

  • Learn about the latest threats from Talos IR newsletters and emergency bulletins, as well as Insights On Demand.


Capabilities delivered

  • Accelerate deployment time and increase your return on investment.

  • Learn from highly skilled SecureX Network Analytics experts throughout your services engagement and in a post-implementation knowledge transfer session.

  • Implement and configure the most important alarms precisely to your specifications, and create customized reports.

  • Get confidence that design, implementation and policy migration comprehensively support your business requirements.

  • Get pervasive network visibility and security analytics for protection across the extended network and cloud.



  • Significantly reduced risk exposure to costly expenses and resulting brand damage associated with a breach by securing the largest malware and ransomware threat vectors.

  • Comprehensive visibility and insights into threats across the network.



Protection before, during, and after an attack.


  • Enable Cisco Secure Endpoint and Cisco SecureX Malware Analytics portals to perform file analysis and provide a complete scope and history of threats.

  • Enable Cisco SecureX threat response to accelerate forensic investigations across Cisco Secure products.

  • Get Talos Incident Response Retainer or Emergency IR Services to help deal with breaches efficiently and effectively.

  • Proactive services include IR Plans and Playbooks, tabletop exercises, proactive threat hunting and compromise assessments, cyber range, and purple team.


Capabilities delivered

  • Immediate access to skilled Talos incident responders with years of experience help you prepare for, manage, and recover from data breaches and network attacks.

  • Get expert help to segment your network to keep confidential data safe.

  • Our experts deliver ongoing assessment and advice as you develop and validate your security plans, such as those related to architecture, software, and adoption.

  • Expert help for onboarding and adoption to achieve business goals faster while keeping security software at peak effectiveness.



  • Comprehensive visibility and remediation power to "see once and block everywhere."

  • Reduced cost and increased productivity through a consolidated management console that accelerates forensic investigations across the network.

  • Reduce risk and respond efficiently with a comprehensive Talos incident response plan in place, with prescriptive procedures on handling a breach efficiently.

  • Reduces cost and increases employee productivity through consolidated/integrated management, accelerated detection, investigation, and remediation.


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