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Nasdaq chooses Cisco Services for mission-critical network support



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When Nasdaq leaders want to know that their network and customers’ data are in good hands, they trust Cisco.

With millions of transactions—representing billions of dollars—crossing Nasdaq’s global networks every day, the company needs to immediately address any technology issues that arise. At the same time, Nasdaq technology is charged with much more than just maintenance, or “keeping the lights on.”

“Nasdaq itself is very much a technology company,” says Marc Silber, Nasdaq’s head of networking. “Our competitive edge is our ability to continually evolve to define new markets and businesses and to implement the most state-of-the-art technology available.”

How does Nasdaq’s technology team balance the need for mission-critical network support with nonstop technology innovation? It works with High-Touch Expert Care experts, who already understand Nasdaq’s business and technology. With Cisco standing by 24/7 to quickly resolve network-level issues and minimize business disruption, Nasdaq technologists can focus on growing the global business.

Mission-critical services on a global scale

It’s a massive global operation, and Nasdaq relies on leading technology companies like Cisco to help them do it. For more than two decades, Nasdaq’s global IP infrastructure, including the ultralow-latency trading network, has run on Cisco® Catalyst® and Cisco Nexus® switches. Cisco also provides Nasdaq with a wide range of technology solutions, including data center, WAN/LAN, collaboration, and wireless technologies.

To support this massive infrastructure, however, Nasdaq had long relied on its in-house team and third-party technical support providers. With so much depending on Nasdaq networks, the technology team is always looking for ways to simplify issue resolution and, ultimately, make the process easier.

We run a very demanding, mission-critical technology infrastructure. In addition to the right technology, we needed a dedicated support team who is very familiar with our network so it can address any issue.

Marc Silber

Head of networking

A higher-value level of support

In 2016, Nasdaq moved up from standard Cisco Smart Net Total Care® contracts to High-Touch Expert Care. High-Touch Expert Care goes beyond “just-fix-it” product support. It provides a team of personalized resources available 24/7 to help Nasdaq manage and resolve incidents faster, operate more efficiently, and deliver more in-depth network-level expertise to make sure of maximum uptime.

As part of the High-Touch Expert Care support package, Nasdaq works with a high-touch operations manager, who serves as a single point of contact for all Cisco technical needs.

The operations manager already understands Nasdaq’s operational processes and technical support history. This manager continually monitors the company’s needs to make sure it is getting the right resources, both internally and from Cisco.

Nasdaq also has access to a personalized high-touch engineering team: senior-level Cisco engineers who bring comprehensive knowledge about Nasdaq’s environment. The team provides in-depth analysis and issue resolution for Nasdaq’s mission-critical networks.

Accelerating incident resolution

The combination of high-touch operations and engineering support makes sure that, when questions arise, Nasdaq gets fast answers. Day or night, Nasdaq can draw on expert resources who are trained to support the world’s largest and most complex networks. These experts can immediately dive into any issues without Nasdaq staff having to bring them up to speed about their architecture.

“The Cisco high-touch personnel function as an extension of our operations team, effectively bringing Tier-2 and Tier-3 network support expertise in house,” says Silber. “We have the ability to reach out to engineers who are already knowledgeable about our design, business, and environment.”

The result of that personalized network-level expertise: a higher level of responsiveness to any issue that arises. For Nasdaq’s technology team, it also means more time and resources available to focus on the ongoing technology innovation that differentiates the global business.

“Having those Cisco resources available to us immediately, people who already speak the language we’re speaking, translates to fast resolution,” says Silber. “That kind of direct access is invaluable to our operation.”

A higher level of trust

Any large enterprise could benefit from direct access to experts who are already familiar with their technology. But for Nasdaq, a 24/7 global operation, that kind of support is critical to delivering the level of service its customers expect.

We’re always open in some time zone, somewhere in the world, running or prepping a business or market, or doing change management and testing, knowing that the Cisco engineers supporting our environment are not going home at 5 p.m. and asking us to wait till the next morning to get an answer is extremely valuable. I sleep better at night.

Marc Silber

Head of networking

Partnering for the future

The high-touch Cisco Services support might be new, but Cisco and Nasdaq have worked closely together for nearly three decades, since Cisco first listed on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange. That relationship is reflected at the Nasdaq MarketSite in Times Square every day, where there are photos of Cisco’s and Nasdaq’s respective leaders celebrating the 25th anniversary of Cisco’s IPO. As Nasdaq leaders look ahead to the markets and technologies of the next decade and beyond, Cisco is backing up their technology team every step of the way.

“Nasdaq is a transformational company, and we’re constantly evolving our business to embrace the next generation of opportunities, architectures, and implementations,” says Silber.

We’re never content to sit back on what we’ve done; we’re continually strategizing for the future. Cisco is intimately familiar with where our business is today, as well as where we want to go, and they are a key partner in helping us get there.

Marc Silber

Head of networking

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