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Customer Story

Cisco Services keep insurer’s network running at peak performance

Mutual de Seguros de Chile


Life Insurance

Company Size

650 Staff



Cisco Products Used

Cisco Smart Net Total Care service

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Growing complexity in business operations requires greater insight

With a history stretching back nearly a century, Mutual de Seguros de Chile is a non-profit firm widely recognized as one of the leaders in life insurance. This reputation is built on an extensive branch network and a solid AA+ risk rating that reflects the company’s solvency, healthy investment portfolio, and continuous performance. Clients trust the brand and the quality of service offered. For this, along with expansive growth, consistent network performance was necessary.

“It’s vital that our network is stable, scalable, and secure, and we get new sites and services up and running as fast as possible,” says Cristian Diaz Vieira, head of security and communications projects. “That’s why we chose Cisco."

As the business grew, managing disparate network devices from multiple vendors became more complex and difficult to administer. Proactively tracking the lifecycles of hardware and software upgrades was nearly impossible because of the effort required.

Not always having the right software updates put the network at unnecessary risk of downtime. The firm’s IT partner, Hiway, recognized it could take days to locate a replacement for a failed device, seriously impacting the normal operation of the company.

We spent a lot of time reacting to problems after they happened, because we didn’t have the tools to prevent them.

Cristian Diaz Vieira

Head of security and communications projects

Everything is Now Fully Up-to-Date Everywhere

Mutual de Seguros no longer has to worry about these problems. On Hiway’s recommendation, the company adopted the Cisco® Smart Net Total Care™ support service and upgraded all of their hardware to Cisco. They now have a clear view of their network, and all hardware and operating system software is covered.

The Smart Net Total Care portal helps keep track of Cisco inventory and provides full visibility into the coverage status of more than 200 Cisco devices across its 22 sites. This process used to be performed manually, which took at least a couple of days each month, and it often meant things could be overlooked.

Now, fully up-to-date data is available at the press of a key. Proactive measures, such as planning upgrades and replacing devices before they’re out of support, keep the entire infrastructure running in top condition.

“The Smart Net Total Care service is simple to use,” says José Bahamonde Gallardo, information technology manager.

My team used to spend half its time dealing with problems. That’s dropped by a large percentage. Greater visibility across the network allows us to better prioritize and plan ahead for updates and replacement of equipment, assuring the continuous operation of the company.

José Bahamonde Gallardo

Information technology manager

Better customer service, efficiently assured

In the last three years, downtime has dropped over 60 percent, while IT operations and asset lifecycle management are over 50 percent more efficient. The time it takes to satisfy compliance audits has reduced by 50 percent.

In the rare event of an outage, systems are restored in minutes thanks to the business continuity measures adopted by the company. Mutual de Seguros has a complete view of the status of each device, and can have a replacement ready when each one reaches end of life. Quicker replacement means less downtime in the event of a failure.

We have more network uptime and less disruption to our business, which means better service for our customers. We’ve never had an issue that could not be fixed. We can see where it makes the most sense to upgrade and prioritize our IT investment.

Gonzalo Basaure Obregón

General Manager

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