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CSR at Cisco

Stakeholder Engagement

Building bridges of understanding with key stakeholders helps us maximize impact and informs our materiality process. Through regular dialogue, we can better align our business to changing social and environmental needs.

We partner with a wide range of global and local organizations to shape and extend the reach of our CSR programs, including governments, nonprofits, NGOs and peers. We have been a strategic partner of the World Economic Forum (WEF) since 2002. Our engagement with the WEF provides us with world leader insights, influences our CSR strategy, and enables us to learn from others and share best practices. Other partnerships and memberships include: Business for Social Responsibility (BSR); the Conference Board’s Sustainability Council II on Innovation and Growth; the CEF (formerly the Corporate Eco Forum); and the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA). We also participate in a range of initiatives and organizations for advancing a circular economy.

In addition to the formal materiality assessment, Cisco’s environment team independently gathers feedback on emerging issues, the quality of our sustainability reporting and performance, and our sustainability performance from sources including stakeholder inquiries and key rankings and ratings. In FY20, our supply chain team developed a strategy for stakeholder engagement related to human rights. “Stakeholder inquiries” is the umbrella term we use for questions we receive from a variety of sources, including:

  • Customers and partners. Visibility to customer and partner sustainability requirements is improved through customer and partner requests for proposal (RFP), supplier qualification, and contract terms.
  • Employees
  • Financial and industry analysts
  • Shareholders and investors
  • Sustainability data aggregators, such as companies like Ecovadis, collect sustainability information for our customers and partners. This also includes a range of organizations that collect and package sustainability information for resale or for their own analysis.
  • Environmental advocacy groups
  • Academia, including researchers and students
  • Media

Environment-related inquiries provide continuous, real-time insight into the environmental issues of interest to different categories of stakeholders, such as customers, investors, and environmental NGOs.

  • Communities
  • CSR opinion leaders
  • Customers
  • Employees
  • Governments and regulators
  • Industry leaders
  • Investors
  • Nonprofits
  • Sales channel partners
  • Suppliers
  • Annual customer satisfaction surveys
  • Annual shareholder meeting and company reporting
  • Business for Social Responsibility
  • Cisco CEO Leadership Council
  • Cisco CIO Exchange
  • Cisco Foundation
  • Cisco Networking Academy Advisory Boards
  • Cisco Networking Academy Conferences
  • Cisco Platform blog
  • Cisco support forums
  • Cisco Live Conferences
  • Committee Encouraging Corporate Philanthropy
  • Financial Analyst Conference
  • Global Customer Advisory Board
  • High Tech Policy blog
  • Industry working groups and standards bodies
  • One-to-one investor meetings
  • Partner community forums
  • Partner Education Connection
  • Partner Summit
  • Public Policy Engagement Website
  • Social media
  • World Economic Forum
  • EthicsLine
  • Functional all-hands
  • Leader Day
  • Leadership Quarterly
  • “Cisco Live” company meetings
  • SustainX
  • Team Listening:
    • Engagement Pulse
    • Real Deal survey
    • Team Space
    • Voice of the Employee