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A love story that changed the world.

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It began, like a lot of things do,

with a basic human desire —

the need to connect.

He liked her and she liked him.

But both he and she worked in different buildings on the Stanford campus. Until one day, they figured out how to connect their computers together. Keep in mind, the year was 1984 and this new connection of theirs went on to become what we know as the network.

It also started a company, Cisco.

Short for San Francisco. And for their logo, they chose the Golden Gate Bridge because it was emblematic of what the company would do. Just as the bridge spans a body of water, Cisco’s promise was to securely connect people, places, ideas, and things across a network.


Cisco bridge logo logo


Between every problem and its solution, every question and its answer.

Suddenly everyone — businesses, governments, technologists, artists, thinkers, doers, dreamers and makers, everyone, everywhere — found themselves a way forward, between what is hoped for and what can be.



Suddenly, between hope and possible, there stood a bridge. Strong, reliable, enduring. And the world changed.

If you can imagine it, we will build the bridge to get you there.

Change begets change. It’s the way of the world.

The world of the big enterprise,

the medium-size company,

the way of the small business,

the university,

the medical center,

the government agency,

the start-up.

But no matter what the change, its size, or its implication — be it on security, the cloud, the data center, or between downtime and uptime, supply and demand, earnings and shareholders — change also begets anticipation. And anticipation begs the question:

Can I, can we, is it possible to get there from here?

Not only is it possible, we’re doing it.

Which is why over 80% of the world’s traffic travels securely across Cisco connections.

And when we say securely, know that bridging the gap between future-worry and future-proof is what we do better than anyone else.

From hardwired to intuitive Cisco bridge logo there's a bridge.

Icon 1

A new era is upon us. One where the sheer number of devices you need to connect to the network and the speed you need to add them are placing get-it-done-yesterday pressures on your business.

Icon 2

This is an era for intent—based networking — more human, more knowledgeable, and more powerful than anything that’s come before.

Icon 3

Constantly learning, constantly adapting, constantly protecting, it’s designed to help you navigate the future of digital business, the future of technology — designed to help all of us navigate change itself.

From useful knowledge to powerful insight Cisco bridge logo there’s a bridge.

Icon 4

Right now, people all over the world are using applications for anything you can imagine. And every click, tap, and swipe is generating data. Rich, thick, juicy data. Data that — without insights — is nothing more than a bunch of zeroes and ones.

Icon 5

Which is why right now, Cisco is helping our customers tap into all that information — creating plans for how they amass it, secure it, store it, access it, and unleash its power.

Icon 6

This is the new competitive advantage. And nobody understands the relationship between people, devices, applications, experiences, information, and business like we do.

From vulnerable to protected Cisco bridge logo there’s a bridge.

Icon 7

With unprecedented presence, no company has broader reach, is more accessible, is more robust, or has more connections.

Icon 8

And no company is more committed to security. For us, it is not an afterthought. It is something we build into everything we do.

Icon 9

Using AI, machine learning, big data, and the cloud to help amass intelligence and detect threats, even the ones hiding in encrypted traffic, is what allows us to adapt security solutions for customers small, medium, large, and extra-large.

From business relationships to human relationships Cisco bridge logo there’s a bridge.

Icon 10

Bringing people together to meet, exchange, share, and work in the most human way possible is at the very core of our collaboration tools.

Icon 11

Constantly learning and adapting to function as intuitively as possible, they’re designed to deliver enhanced voice recognition; crisp, accurate, incredibly detailed visuals.

Icon 12

Whiteboard functionality; one-button access; and the ability to connect from anywhere, from any device. No other company collaborates better.

Between educating a life and changing a life Cisco bridge logo there’s a bridge.

Icon 14

It was the Greek philosopher Plutarch who said, The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled.

Cisco NetAcademy

And the bridge between finding one’s fire and igniting it in the world is Cisco Networking Academy.

Cisco NetAcademy over 8,000,000 graduates

Now found in virtually every country on Earth, it provides the skills, knowledge, and opportunities needed by the next generation of technology professionals — over 8 million so far — to go out and change everything.

Cisco bridge logo

74,200 individual parts make the bridge to possible, possible.

In nearly every country, on six continents, the people of Cisco are busy listening, innovating, and building the next era of connections. Building bridges between the network as we know it and the network of what can be, between secure and impenetrable, and between collaboration and making it humanly so. 74,200 strong, each individual a bridge unto themselves — committed to the customer, committed to their communities, and committed to the world at large.

There from the beginning to
where we stand today.

And where we will go from here.

Bridges lift us.

They carry us.

Two people, once seemingly
apart, came to understand

that between aspiration
and realization,
there could stand a bridge.

This is who we are:
We are the architects of possibility.
We are the builders of the
The bridge to possible.