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NetApp Insight

13-16 November 2017 - Berlin Messe - Stand PR2

  • Date:13-16 November 2017
  • Location:Berlin Messe
    Berlin, Germany
  • Duration:Mon 13th: 7:00-19:30
    Tue 14th: 8:00-18:00
    Wed 15th: 8:00-18:30
    Thur 16th: 8:00-14:30

About NetApp Insight

Insight is NetApp's annual global technical conference dedicated to pre- and post-sales system engineers, professional services consultants, and channel partners. The conference offers attendees the opportunity to communicate timely technical topics and interact with product engineers and experts. NetApp Insight provides early previews of next-generation solutions, as well as in-depth technical training to enable partners and employees to accelerate business breakthroughs with NetApp

Join us at Cisco Stand PR2 to:

  • Meet our solutions experts
  • Engage with live demos and learn about our products and services
  • Watch live demos and learn about our products

For other information on the show please visit the NetApp Insight Berlin website

Speaking Sessions

Cisco will be presenting at the following sessions:

- Cisco Breakout Sessions -

Tuesday 14th Nov, 11:15

FlexPod - An Innovation Platform

Chris O’Brien, Director, CSPG UCS Data Center Solutions, Cisco

Abstract:FlexPod is built on technology trusted by over 8,400 customers worldwide with solutions that are optimized for the most popular infrastructure use cases, applications, and technology transition points in the industry, such as virtualized infrastructure, cloud computing, and enterprise applications. And with continuous innovation over the past 7 years, the FlexPod portfolio has continued to help those customers simplify and modernize their IT environments in a constantly shifting technology landscape. In this session, we will explore the latest hardware, software, management models and use cases for FlexPod. Join us to learn about recent advancements and future options to our innovation platform, FlexPod.

Tuesday 14th Nov, 13:45

Capitalize Mission Critical Applications

Erik Lillestolen, Sr. Product Manager, Cisco, Ralf Klahr, Senior Technical Marketing Engineer, Cisco and Mike Brennan, Product Manager, Desktop Virtualization & Graphic Solutions, Cisco

Abstract: FlexPod provides proven performance and enterprise-critical stability for a broad set of workloads. In this session, you will learn how SAP HANA, VDI and Database workloads leverage the inherent benefits of FlexPod to meet application specific requirements, optimize performance and deliver proven value in customers’ datacenters. This session will detail how FlexPod solutions for SAP leverage the benefits of Cisco and NetApp technologies to provide our customers a value unequaled in the SAP industry. This session will also address the changing trends in End User Computing due to the impact of Windows 10, the performance of GPUs, and how the FlexPod platform addresses these with our desktop broker partners. Database use cases with Oracle and Microsoft will be highlighted to further capture the agility and value of FlexPod to customers. Join us to discover how FlexPod can optimize your mission-critical business workloads.

Wednesday 15th Nov, 15:00

Getting More from your FlexPod

John George, Technical Marketing Engineer, Cisco

Abstract:You made the right choice FlexPod, and as a result more and more workloads are being positioned “on it”. It has proven its agility, performance and value, but can you do more? Get more? In this session, we will discuss the operational best practices and tools available to get the most out of your FlexPod. Join us to learn about Cisco Workload Optimization manager to cost-effectively match application demand with infrastructure supply so that you can keep pace with changes in your business today and in the future. Discover how Cisco UCS Performance Manager exposes ties application performance to physical and virtual infrastructure performance. Enroll to do more..

- Inform and Delight Sessions -

Wednesday 15th Nov, 11:15

Cisco ACI Multi-Site – One Pane of Glass to Manage Multiple Data Centers

Shehram Jamal, Sr. Product Manager, Cisco

Abstract:What if You Could: - Have both availability and flexibility in your network, without compromise? - Have one management view across your data centers, whether they are in the same building or across the globe? - Have one single operational domain? ACI Multi-Site: - Provides a single point of management to efficiently manage multiple data centers – be it in the same building or across the globe (OpEx savings) - Allows you to extend your “intent” (in form of consistent security policy) across sites (Security Everywhere) - Enables workload migration across data centers (disaster recovery, fault isolation, application availability) - Offers high availability with flexibility without compromise (business continuity)

Wednesday 15th Nov, 14:15

Cisco Tetration Analytics – Get to a Secure Zero-Trust Model in an Application-Centric World

Shehram Jamal, Sr. Product Manager, Cisco

Abstract: FTetration analytics provides answers to critical questions: - How many endpoints make up this application? - Who is talking to who, on what ports, on what sockets - What policies are required to secure this application? - What are the flow characteristics of this application? - Am I in compliance with my security rules? - Do I have any miss-configurations? Cisco Tetration Analytics support compelling use cases for data center security and operations personnel: - Application visibility and insight into application component communication - Automated whitelist policy recommendations - Policy enforcement that enables application segmentation - Policy impact analysis and compliance - Complete flow visualization, exploration, and forensics

Products & Services

Modernize Your Data Center Infrastructure with FlexPod 

FlexPod is a pre-validated data center platform built on the Cisco Unified Computing System (Cisco UCS), Cisco Nexus family of switches, and NetApp® data management solutions. Its configurations and workloads are published as Cisco Validated Designs that allow you to deploy applications and converged infrastructure faster using proven solutions. The FlexPod portfolio includes:

· FlexPod Data Center for enterprise applications and virtualization in large enterprises.

· FlexPod SF with SolidFire storage delivers next generation, web-scale infrastructure for modern applications.

· FlexPod Express serves small and medium-sized enterprises and branch offices.

· FlexPod Select for specialized, data-intensive workloads like big data and analytics

1:1 Meetings

To schedule meetings with Cisco solutions experts, please contact your account manager directly or complete the request form below.

Venue & Transport Info

Location Information

Berlin Messe

Address: Berlin Messe, Berlin, Germany



Upon registering at NetApp Insight 2017, you will receive a four-day zone 1 and 2 public transportation ticket for travel between the venue and your hotel from Monday to Thursday. Please note that the travel card does not cover transportation to Schönefeld Airport



By Air

A shuttle service will be provided from Berlin Tegel and Berlin Schönefeld Airports on Monday, November 13th. Once you have exited the arrivals area, watch for NetApp Insight hostesses who will direct you to the buses. From Berlin Tegel Airport, buses will depart every 15 minutes between 8:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m.




There are plenty of taxi outside Messe South Entrance.




Free onsite parking is available at Messe Berlin in car park P17