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Join Cisco at InfoSec London 2018

Find out how Cisco can help you build an effective cybersecurity strategy against today’s threats

Book Your Cyber Experience with Cisco
  • Date:5-7 June 2018
  • Location:Olympia, London
  • Attendance:Register Now

Customise Your Experience at InfoSec

Do any of these challenges keep you up at night?

  • A lack of skills/ talent to cope with today’s cyber threats
  • I want to move to cloud-based services, but am concerned about security, downtime and IT system complexities.
  • How do I enable business innovation and transformation to stand out from our competitors whilst not letting security be a hindrance?
  • We have a patchwork quilt of security products – it’s really complex to manage and I’m concerned about gaps
  • I’m concerned about the increase in network based attacks
  • More and more devices are being added into our environment – how do I keep them all secure whilst enabling employee productivity?

This is just a handful of potentially many more challenges that you are likely experiencing every day. Book Your Cyber Experience with Cisco at Infosec to discover how Cisco Security solutions addresses your unique challenges and delivers success to your organisation. Learn how this can all be cost-effectively achieved in the cloud, through the network, and through your endpoints.

We put security above everything, so that you can be confident in growing your organisation to its best ability.

Register (below) to request a personalised Cyber Experience that addresses your unique challenges, interests and questions.

Cyber Experience with Cisco

Register to attend a personalised Cyber Experience with Cisco

Exhibit Hours:
Tuesday, 5th June – 10:00am – 5:30pm
Wednesday, 6th June – 10:00am – 5:30pm
Thursday, 7th June – 10:00am – 4:00pm


Visit the Cisco Booth M-80&L-80 for demos of our products and solutions.

Cloud Security

See and control SaaS apps. Secure Office 365 email. And detect threats in the public cloud.  Find out how you can get effective security for your multicloud world.

Endpoint Security

Breach prevention. Continuous monitoring of malicious behaviour. Rapid malware detection. Malware removal.  Learn all about how our Advance Malware Protection for Endpoints solution gives you the visibility and control to defeat advanced attacks.

Network Security

Cyber criminals are increasingly targeting the network.  Learn how you can stop threats, see what's happening on your network, and reduce costs.  Our threat appliances combine superior visibility, embedded security intelligence, automated analysis, and industry-leading threat effectiveness.

Security Product Demonstrations

From our visibility tool Stealthwatch, our unrivalled Next Generation Firewalls, Policy and Access strategies, our Ransomware Defence tools, or how to protect your emails from unsanctioned access, we’ve got it covered.  Ask us what you’d like a demonstration on, and we’ll fire it up for you!

Cisco Security: Our integrated approach

Take an interactive tour of how our solutions work together, to ensure you benefit from a connected security approach, with no gaps for hackers to hide.  Learn how you can simplify your infrastructure, remediate attacks more quickly, and also mitigate any skills shortages you may be experiencing.


Theatre sessions

Every half an hour one of our expert security folk with regale you with tales of how you can stay one step ahead of the cyber criminals at Cisco Stand M80 and L80. You don’t need to register – just join us. Theatre sessions will include the following topics:

  • The latest cybersecurity threats and malware tactics
  • How has ransomware become more sophisticated?
  • How to build a strong security posture
  • Incident Response: You’ve been breached, now what?
  • Annual Cybersecurity Report: What does it mean for you?
  • The rise of Insider Threats and Shadow IT: Your security is only as strong as your weakest link
  • How to innovate, grow faster, and be more profitable using Security

Workshop sessions

Martin Lee

Workshop 1: The biggest threats in 2018 and beyond
Date: Tuesday, June 5th
Time: 14.00 - 16.00

Speaker: Martin Lee, Technical Lead, Security Research at Cisco

As our use of technology develops, so do the actions of threat actors. In this session we will consider how technology is evolving, the opportunities this presents for the bad guys, and some of the new techniques that sophisticated threat actors have deployed over the past couple of years. We will also show how new technology is also enabling defences against attacks.

Martin Lee

Workshop 2: You’ve been breached. Now what?
Date: Wednesday, June 6th
Time: 14.00 - 16.00

Speaker: Marc Blackmer, Product Marketing Manager, Threat Intelligence

You are doing everything you can to avoid breaches. But what happens when an attacker manages to bypass your security? In this workshop we will show you how to build a strong security posture and a layered defence that will give you the ability to quickly respond to breaches.


Workshop 3: Tracking Down the Cyber Criminals and Revealing Malicious Infrastructures
Date:Thursday, June 7th
Time: 10.00 - 12.00

Speakers: Paul D’Cruz, Cloud Security Senior Consulting Specialist, Cisco & Dr. Dhia Mahjoub, Head of Security Research, Cisco

Cyber Criminals are increasingly exploiting the Internet services to build agile and resilient infrastructures, and consequently to protect themselves from being exposed and taken over. The Internet is an open system, the information to expose those infrastructures is available somewhere. The challenge is that fragments of data broken up and spread across the web are not immediately visible. Connecting the dots, being able to analyse a diverse set of information made of billions of pieces of discrete data gathered from across the Internet, and collected from multiple sources (DNS queries, BGP anomalies, ASN reputation, network prefixes/IP fluctuations), allows us to build the maps that reveal where the malicious infrastructure are hidden and where the attacks are staged. This turns the table of traditional security with a new approach where the defender takes the upper hand on the attacker, being able to pivot through the criminal infrastructure. This session will explain how the correlation of Internet data on multiple levels can be used to build and deliver a new model of security that is pervasive and predictive, and that allows us to expose the attackers' infrastructure.


Tech Talks

Martin Lee

Tech Talks 1: The Rise of Wiper Malware
Date:Tuesday, June 5th
Time: 11.20 - 11.45

Speaker: Martin Lee, Technical Lead, Security Research at Cisco

This not to be missed session will focus on what businesses need to defend against – both now, and what is likely to pose problems in the future. We will cover IoT Security, the rise in sophistication in ransomware, and what tactics cyber criminals are now using – with live demos included.

Behind every attack is an individual trying to achieve objectives. In some cases, the objective of the attack is simply to destroy systems and cause as much damage as possible. In this session we will consider attacks such as NotPetya, Olympic Destroyer and antecedents, and examine how threat actors cause set out to cause harm.

Tech Talks 2: Insider Threats and Shadow IT: Your security is only as strong as your weakest link
Date: Wednesday, June 6th
Time: 11.20 - 11.45

Insider threats are growing – from the malicious attacks, to the naïve security bypasses. Our Annual Cybersecurity Report found that on average, suspicious users were each responsible for 5200 document downloads. This session will demonstrate how you can get on top of shadow IT and tackle insider threats.

Tech Talks 3: Incident Response: How to spot and contain threats quickly
Date: Thursday, June 7th
Time: 11.20 - 11.45

This session will provide insights into the evolving threat landscape, and why prevention-only strategies eventually fail. You will learn how to build a strong first line of defence to reduce exposure to threats, and protect your last line of defence with retrospective security.

Tech Talks 4: Using Traffic Analysis to Deconstruct Global Malspam Campaigns – Cisco Umbrella (Open DNS)
Date: Thursday, June 7th
Time: 14.40 - 15:05

Speakers: Dr. Dhia Mahjoub, Head of Security Research, Cisco Umbrella & Thomas Mathew, Senior Security Researcher, Cisco Umbella

We present new statistical techniques to identify malspam campaigns en masse using DNS and IP network data without relying on traditional methods like spamtraps or binary analysis. We identified the network architecture of malspam campaigns by analysing the behaviour of client DNS traffic to a domain and the IP infrastructure hosting the malicious domain during a campaign. We dissect the consecutive stages of malspam campaigns spanning several months and show that even though discrete domain names and hosting IPs change, they still have common patterns when we look into their traffic lifetime, co-occurring domains, and hosting lifetime and infrastructures.



Please register in advance to attend Infosecurity for Free http://www.infosecurityeurope.com/en/visit/Register/

Looking forward to seeing you!

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