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I am delighted to invite you to our exclusive VIP event, hosted by Cisco Partner EBB3 Ltd & sponsored by Rockwell Automation, Cisco, Netapp & NVIDIA. 

This unique event will address key business issues & technology solutions in the Manufacturing environment, specifically the role that SMART technology and Cloud Based Solutions can play in ensuring your business stays ahead of the rest. 

With keynote presentations from Manufacturing experienced presenters and demonstration of the latest virtualized storage and analytics platform – “Cisco’s Graphic Acceleration Platform”, this morning is not to be missed. 

Internet of Things & Digitisation Impact on Cloud 

Globally, the data created by Internet of Things devices will reach 507.5 ZB per year (42.3 ZB per month) by 2019, up from 134.5 ZB per year (11.2 ZB per month) in 2014. 

Globally, the data created by IoT devices will be 269 times higher than the amount of data being transmitted to data centers from end-user devices and 49 times higher than total data center traffic by 2019. 

The Internet of Things brings previously unconnected physical objects online. 
These “things” are creating vast and increasing amounts of data and sharing it 
over the Internet, largely via machine-to-machine connections. It is one of many 
important technology transitions taking place today that allows Digitisation to become 
a reality. 

Digitisation is the coming together of the Internet of Things – mobility, cloud, big data & analytics, and social. It gives people, businesses, communities, and countries the tools they need to collect and access data and turn it into valuable insight that they can use to make better decisions faster. 

Kind regards,
Nick Blofeld, Business Development Manager, Cisco

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